Home of the Sigrogana Empire, as well as many towns within, such as Dormeho, Beldam, Tannis, Doraington, and more.
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Far in the depths below Sigrogana lay the god grave of Charachin, the elemental water god who was felled by the poison of another god, but not many know the story. As it goes, the Venomous God, Argentyle, was an enormous serpent that hid in the earth with his followers.

Argentyle did not respect his followers as other gods did, turning them into scale-covered snakemen, who would kidnap mortals from the upper world, and with the god's magic, perform abhorrent rituals, turning them into half-snakes. Even then, his behavior did not attract much attention from his rivals in Heaven's Contention.

However, the snake god was ambitious and arrogant. He wanted to win the war of the gods, and he had a very simple plan. Poisoning the well, so to speak, or more accurately, the being who was connected to all water, Charachin. While Charachin was a god and not entirely alive in the usual sense, the venom of Argentyle could affect anything, and not long after the scaled god bit in and unleashed his venom did Charachin expire.

The snake god was determined to expunge so much poison from his fangs that it would leave all living races, except his own, without drinkable water. The gods they follow, without worshippers, would be doomed to lose power and fade away. It was in this way that Argentyle planned to win Heaven's Contention in one swift move.

But we all know this is not how it ended, for we are here. In truth, the serpent god's plan was foiled by Huggessoa, the patron of the vampires, who is said to see into the Akashic Record itself, who appeared shortly after Argentyle's plan was underway. While Huggessoa and his followers do not typically intervene in normal affairs, this was different.

Vampires must feed on the essence of others, usually their blood, to survive. The snakemen, who carry Argentyle's poison inside of them, are ill-suited for this role. Thus, the death of all living creatures aside from them would also doom Huggessoa's kin. So, in this kill or be killed situation, Huggessoa killed.

Huggessoa is said to have expelled Argentyle's massive body into the Void, tearing it open in a manner not unlike the demonic Zera, an act the snake god was unable to fight against before it claimed him entirely. Along with the snake went the vast majority of the poison in the water, which ended the clever serpent's role in Heaven's Contention.

The snakemen still live in the blackened caverns below the northern end of Sigrogana, and a decade ago they would still come to the surface and kidnap humans, some believe for their strange rituals. Eventually, the Empire sealed off the bottom floor of the caverns to keep the snakemen out, but this wall has since been breached by a mysterious intruder.