The Wandering Sermon

Home of the Sigrogana Empire, as well as many towns within, such as Dormeho, Beldam, Tannis, Doraington, and more.
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The Wandering Sermon

Post by Trexmaster » Sat Mar 03, 2018 12:14 am

Throughout the eastern regions of Sigrogana, off the beaten paths, a black coach visits several remote hamlets. A hulking cloaked figure driving it, well guarded, as it pauses only for one of its passengers to exit. A finely dressed young woman, who takes stage wherever appropriate to deliver her message.
"People of Sigrogana, harken to me! We live in a world with many blessings, life in many forms. Yet there still lies fear. Fear of monsters, of brigands and ne'er do wells. Of unrelenting beasts, madmen and abominations that conspires against us all. And what has your Empire done? Nothing! Hounds of blackest night lay siege to your cities day by day, numbers beyond counting, yet Elial remains silent. Madmen unleash constructs of terror and destruction upon your houses of entertainment, yet Elial turns a blind eye. The dead themselves rise from their graves to take the living with them, and Elial utters not a word! The common man, the common soldier, are all fodder to your Empire. Sheep to the slaughter, so that you may die in their place. All this time, you--the people of the Empire. You, and you alone have fought and bled to save your home and hearth."
The woman would pause to take a breather, to prepare to speak on if the villagers hadn't run them out by that point.
"I speak to you now of salvation. Of unity. To purge the world of all evil, of all sin. I speak to you of our Queen. By her will, all people, all that reside upon this world shall live in harmony. I ask of you, my fellow people, to put aside your differences. There are no monsters in this world. There are only the unenlightened. Be it the beasts that reside in the Black Doors, or the bandits pilfering your markets, they can all be changed. All you must do is follow her will."
A scroll of parchment would be withdrawn at this point, if the audience was content. At least one hamlet allowed this much, perhaps due to a lack of attendance.
"All are equal on Sigrogana. It is our promised land, that gods and men alike fought and bled for. There are no monsters. Only those who resist Her will."

"The Queen is the only judge of life and death. By her word men prosper, and by her wrath they suffer. Those who see themselves above life and death, see themselves above the Queen, and they must be set in place."

"No faith shall prosper above Her Will. The reign of gods is over. The Dominator Zera seeks death and destruction to all, the White Lady seeks prosperity and life to her fold alone. Both usurp Her Will, and must not be tolerated. Zera must rest eternally, and Mercala must be silenced."

"Your fellow man is second only to the Queen. Treat them with the respect and kindness they deserve, for we all work toward the same goal."

"Her will shall be done. The voice of the Queen is law, and we are her enforcers. For under her rule all shall prosper."

"False prophets have no place in Her world, they must be enlightened to her will or perish."

"Life is favored over death. Conversion over cadavers. Slay not the ill-informed, the weak-minded, the coerced, and the blinded. Show them the light, show them her will."
Another moment of silence, before the young woman would bow toward whomever may be gathered, or nothing in particular.
"Thank you all for your time. May the Queen watch over you all."
Departing in the black coach, a slow retreat as they'd move from hamlet to hamlet, never once crossing the main roads of Sigrogana. Sightings of this black coach being scarce beyond its arrivals, no more of it being seen after a week of these speeches. Never visiting the same village twice.

Perhaps it may come again some day?