A Dive Bar

Home of the Sigrogana Empire, as well as many towns within, such as Dormeho, Beldam, Tannis, Doraington, and more.
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A Dive Bar

Post by Hippie » Sun Feb 10, 2019 6:32 am



You might've heard it from people around the capital, you might've heard it from a friend, or you simply heard the music down the alleyway.

Dark guitars blare loudly from an alleyway down in Central Cellsvich, not far off from the square. Makeshift beds and shelters litter the entrance to the passage and it's no rarity to see the occasional homeless drunkard sit and sleep on them - or simply beg for pocket change on the street nearby. The place is not pretty - that much goes without saying. And should you decide to head down the alleyway, you'll find yourself facing a metallic door in the corner with a rusty sign above.

"Dead Man's stop," it reads.

"Alcohol & Coffee."

A welcoming sight.

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Eastern Cellsvich, just before the Eastern Residential Area. Right below from the Hospital, left of Fortune's Favor.

add lore pls