Black Swan's Vigil is Recruiting

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Black Swan's Vigil is Recruiting

Post by Roland_Staghare » Tue Apr 23, 2019 10:46 pm

ImageThe Vigil AwakensImage

A new wave of fliers have been set out on every available posting within Cellsvich, once more stamped with the image of a Black Swan and sporting a similar message to those sent out long ago.

For those who recall this organization and would seek employment, there are several standing openings that require fulfillment. Should you have an interest, seek out the lodge building in the northern quarter of Cellsvich or speak to Jackson Tousseau, Alex Sosai, or Flanne Kelly. Commander, Subcommander, and Quartermaster respectively.

Openings include, but are not limited to:
Doctor in Chief
Chief Occultist

For those unfamiliar, the Black Swan's Vigil is an organization with the goal of liberating Mallus and combat the more esoteric threats present in the lands of Sigrogana.

OOC: This will be a pretty open recruitment that will go on until the end of the week at Sunday the 28th, or until we simply can't take on more members, whichever happens first. Events will resume soon after the closing of the recruitment window. If you're looking to get involved feel free to contact: