[Sigrogana] More Farmers Wanted!

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[Sigrogana] More Farmers Wanted!

Post by Blissey » Tue Apr 30, 2019 9:14 pm

From the Mayoral Office of Voilegard...

More Farmers Wanted!

Greetings, citizens and transients of Sigrogana,

We seek more farmers! The agricultural proliferation project of Voilegard is underway and is soaring high! Our sales are well-beyond our predictions and the Empire as a whole is purchasing our fresh crops. Due to this demand, we are seeing a short supply. Therefore, we need more farmers! If you farm for Voilegard, you get...

Five-thousand Murai per month, with room for growth and promotion;
Time-Off, once we have more people;
All tools and seeds provided;
Stable, rent-free lodgings with amenities on-site!

More can be arranged and discussed, but cannot be promised or guaranteed!

If you are interested in the position, contact me directly to my office in Voilegard.

Please do not that this position is not free-lance -- it is very much a contracted labor-force position and you will be bound to every law that is implicated in this kind of arrangement. You would not be able to come and go to ascertain loyalty to Voilegard during our restoration process. More details can be obtained from myself.

If someone who is interested in farming cannot read, feel free to direct them to me anyway! I will explain every detail to them happily.

Mayor Liliana Lacoste
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