Sanctuary Hearts Charity Auction

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Sanctuary Hearts Charity Auction

Post by MakeshiftWalrus » Tue May 14, 2019 7:49 pm


Are you feeling empty? Like you just need a bit of oomph in your life? Well look no further, for nothing makes you feel great like donating to charity! Come to the Sanctuary Hearts Charity Auction and spare a few coins for the hard-working folks of Cellsvich's most caring hospital! There will be food, drinks and fun for everyone involved, but to truly loosen your lips (and your wallets!) we're bringing out the big guns!

A special auction will be held, where hearts can be bought and new friends can be made! A selection of the cutest girls and the manliest men we could find have lined up, ready to offer their love and affection for their bidders. And you know what they say, there's nothing more romantic than donating to those in need!

Whether you want to join the selection, bid on the wares, or simply enjoy the facilities and fun is up to you!

The auction will be held in the Sanctuary Hospital's lodge in the east wing of the housing districts and all proceedings of the night will be given in support of the Sanctuary Hospital, for their continued hard work, saving the lives of our countrymen and kin!

Friday, 24th of May


Want to be a part of the selection? Do you want to know just how much your love is worth? Then contact our management and sign up today!

A list of the charitable hearts for sale will be released a few days before the auction is held!

(Contact us over Discord for an IC interview.)

MakeshiftWalrus#7604 (Ly - Nomothetic Sailor)
Pinny#7192 (Sachi - Eloquent Physician)
Mewni#5722 (Callie Marie - Scarred Botanist)

(Yes, we'll be using real murai.)

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Re: Sanctuary Hearts Charity Auction

Post by MakeshiftWalrus » Wed May 15, 2019 2:11 pm


Due to overwhelming interest, we've decided to close the sign-up this Friday, the 17th.
It'll close at 6 PM EST and the list of participants will be revealed for all to see shortly afterwards!

Sign up while you can!

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Re: Sanctuary Hearts Charity Auction

Post by MakeshiftWalrus » Fri May 17, 2019 10:22 pm

Ladies and gentlemen!
Here's the selection!

Let your hearts be full and your wallets empty by the time the night is over!

- Name: Akari Paladia
- Age: 24.
- Brief Description: A girl with white hair, often in a ponytail. Wears a somewhat fancy looking dress. A little bit shy when it comes to social situations but kind and welcoming at heart. Enjoys being out in nature.
- Romantic/Friendly: Friendliness mostly, but playing the right cards doesn't rule romance out.

- Name: Noriko
- Age: 25
- Brief Description: A cheerful Shaitan looking to give happiness and laughs to whomever they can.
- Romantic/Friendly: Both.

- Name: Ryu Tenshi
- Age: 29
- Brief Description: A spiritual shaman who cuts people in the name of medicine.
- Romantic/Friendly: Both.

- Name: Veronica Strauss
- Age: 17
- Brief Description: Budding Scout, hoping to learn more about the world and those in it and help those in need!
- Romantic/Friendly: Open, but leaning towards friendly.

- Name: Lloyd Winchester
- Age: Mid 20s
- Brief Description: Local therapist open for talks and friendly conversation
- Friendly/Romantic: Friendly

- Name: Yakin Vladislav
- Age: 30
- Brief Description: A tall dark corporate executive with a penchant for long coats with turned up collars. Yakin Vladislav is a solid package of both muscle and intense burning looks with a soft spot for animals, owning several. He likes long walks on the beach, can chop your firewood for you, and has a lot to unpack over a nice candle lit dinner that he will very much pay for, all while helping you manage your paperwork like the professional he is. (I said brief!)
- Romantic/Friendly: Friendly, but also very much romantically interested.

- Name: Malik Ago
- Age: 37
- Brief Description: (in his IC words): "Uh...I'm literally only doing this to help the hospital, fuck all of you."
- Romantic/Friendly: "If this is what causes me to find the love of my life I will stab myself with a ritual knife.

- Name: Shaila
- Age: 40s
- Brief Description: The (not so) majestic, musclebound, mountainous woman! This ebony zeran is ready to win your heart over and squeeze the life right out of it! Need a guard or a heavy lifter? Maybe even a massage or pillow after a rough day? This beefcake is ready to tend to all your needs (within reason!).
- Romantic/Friendly: - The friendliest Shaila. Open to romance depending on the person.

- Name: Aelavel ‘Ael’ Mornedhel
- Age: 160+
- Brief Description: A lightly tanned elf who dresses in a mixture of old Mersales clothing and an Onigan Gi. He has a decently poor grasp of the Common Tongue and his accent seemed to be mixed with what elves normally have as well as a bit of an Onigan one. He prefers to be called Ael.
- Romantic/Friendly: Both. Romance to Women only.

- Name:Dharma yud-dha karane vala (Vala for short.)
- Age: 30
- Brief Description: Refined swordsman retired to engineering, metalworking, and clerical work.
- Friendly/Romantic: Open to both, even if the latter is a touchy subject. I am not opposed to it with the right person.

- Name: Siren
- Age: 20
- Brief Description: A dark bard. She's got tattoos all over, wears some revealing clothes, and has an attitude probably, maybe.
- Romantic/Friendly: Friendly, but maybe romantic depending on things.

- Name: Willow Octavia Tasune Ucission von Tepes
- Age: Somewhere between 18 and 21
- Brief Description: A teeny tiny felidae who is absolutely sweet and innocent. Any rumors that say otherwise are completely unfounded.
- Romantic/Friendly: Both.

- Name: Izanagi
- Age: ???
- Brief Description: A magical man for a magical night. May or may not include insanity.
- Romantic/Friendly: Both(?)

- Name: Julien
- Age: 28
- Brief description: Chataran male, well mannered, blond, physically fit (What else?)
- Romantic/Friendly: Friendly, but if it'll increase bidding, one dinner date that will end with a kiss. (NO TONGUE.)

- Name: Amber Schulte
- Age: 20
- Brief Description: A fairly short Grimalkin. Usually pretty quiet.
- Romantic/Friendly: Would prefer a friendly date, but may be open for a romantic one.

- Name: Ardnaid Senrab
- Age: 21
- Brief description: I’m absolutely adorable. My energetic business demeanor translates well into a friendship or relationship
- Romantic/Friendly: Friendly for female, Both for male.

- Name: Brunor Ma'at Cohen
- Age: 26
- Brief Description: A glykin recognized for wearing a dapper hat; tends to be hardworking, vindictive, social. A smartass. Enjoys in-depth talks, hearing others aspirations, and traveling/sightseeing.
- Romantic/Friendly: Open for both, wherever it goes.

- Name: April Winters
- Age: 18
- Brief Description: Former Farm girl, I also do nurse things and have a cute outfit! Oh, I'm also short, but not too short
- Romantic/Friendly: Friendly.

- Name: Nemesis II
- Age: 9
- Brief Description: A wonderful machination that left her past behind and became a heroine! She is grumpy, but behind it all there is someone worth every murai spent to know!
- Romantic/Friendly: Friendly.

- Name: Ly
- Age: 57
- Very brief description: An optimistic business woman who spent most her life at sea.
- Romantic/Friendly: Romantic

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