[ALL BOARDS]Explosive License

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[ALL BOARDS]Explosive License

Post by Aqua » Sat Jan 11, 2020 4:54 pm

Imperial Explosive license

Various IMPORTANT flyers have been posted on the Notice Boards of all the Imperial Cities by several Imperial Guard Seekers!

In name of the Glorious Emperor Elial S. Erachial, As per the Order of Commander Lamarrion in light of the recent bombings through out the Capital, Until further notice, explosives (and material that can be made explosive with little effort, i.e. Gunpowder) will require a temporary license to carry upon one's person within Cellsvich.

Anyone who lacks a license can drop the offending items off with the guards, wherein they'll be held in a closed-off, very secured area for them to retrieve outside of the walls. Those who require a license should be cleared by at least two to three First Squad members, each being able to vouch for that person's trustworthiness, morals and sanity, if need be.

Due to this, anyone seeking to sell explosives should do so outside of Cellsvich, for if someone is found selling explosives to someone without a license with the city, especially after they've been directly notified of this measure, they will be punished accordingly.

Additionally, the guards at the Gate have been notified to search anyone coming in (or out, if they have good reason to do so) for any explosives they might be carrying, hidden or otherwise. The Mage's Guild has also been informed of this, and a set of guards will stand by to perform the same searches on those going through the Majistra portals. For future reference, this will also apply to any other notable entrance to Cellsvich.

You have been Warned!

(OOC Note: This has gone into effect IMMEDIATELY ICly. If you have any questions feel free to ask a guard to Clarify if this post doesn't help!)

Edit: Engineer grenades also need a License just to make you aware of that!