Sadie Feran: Redacted Investigation Results (Partial)

The sandy golden continent of Gold, home of Oniga and the Onigan Empire, and the seedy town of Law's End.
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Sadie Feran: Redacted Investigation Results (Partial)

Post by Neus » Tue Apr 21, 2015 9:36 am


Agent: Sadie Feran
Rank: Director of Paranormal Investigations
Place: Oniga, Gold
File Number: AED-9989


The Department of Paranormal Investigations was requested to investigate Oniga for signs of magical and supernatural abnormalities, such as those that might enable the creation of human-like abominations of unknown affiliation that attacked Cellsvich on XX-XX-XXXX. A detailed investigation was carried out on Oniga as a whole, including the private residencies of the Tennou family and several royal families. An investigation outside of Oniga has not yet been completed and is pending dipsatch of the R███████ and several special bodyguards requested by Sadie Feran.


As per the request of the investigation, the entirety of Oniga was investigated for signs of paranormal and magical activity. Excluding the exceptions below, there was no such activity found.

  • High volumes of spiritual energy and excessive focus were found at the M███████ royal family's castle. This is attributed to Youkai and the handling thereof. Documents AED-091, AED-0172, AED-0544, AED-9910, and AED-2530 in the Ghost Files archives all document the existence of Youkai and the M███████'s connection to them. Furthermore, paged souls within and around the residence and all surrounding buildings were White in nature.
  • Small amounts of trace magical energy were found in the C███, Y██, and W███████ royal castles. A strong majority of the magic detected was Mercalan in nature. As per procedure, all souls within the confines of the castle and the nearby areas were paged, and were White in nature.
  • The Mage's Guild within Oniga tested positive for trace amounts of Void Energy, and dimensional magic linking the guild's Still Portal to M█████ M██████ was found. However, upon confirmation with the Tennou, this is permitted and within expectations.
  • A particular shrine within the Onigan public sector tested positive for above-average occult energies. However, this appears to be unrelated to the case.
Furthermore, a detailed physical investigation was carried out by an Agency detective named P███, including chemical examination. A trace comparison with the remains of one the attackers was performed in all non-public areas, including the Tennou Royal Palace and the various royal families' castles. In all tests, the result was negative, showing that the unique composition of the attackers was not at these places.


Based on the results of the investigation, I think we can rule out the attack on Cellsvich to be a scheme of the Tennou, its royal families, or its citizens, private or otherwise. If the Emperor wishes to speak to me personally, or requires further proof, I am open to a private discussion. I will begin my investigation of other parts of Gold as soon as possible, and I have a 'good feeling' that something will turn up.