The Prim Rose: Hiring

Home of the Zerans and the Godly Stage, Alstalsia is a primal landmass to the northeast.
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The Prim Rose: Hiring

Post by Kavoir » Tue Mar 06, 2018 4:42 am

Wait Staff- We need some charming individuals to wait table and interact with customers. We are willing to train you if we think you will be up to the challenge.

Advertisement- We are up for hiring someone to help with promotions.

House Band- It is nice to have some music around the place. Not mutually exclusive with other jobs. (Might have to help with events I am considering)

Cleaning Staff- Having someone to help us clean up would be much appreciated.

[b}Sous Chef[/b]- Helping out in the kitchen in a place like this is a valuable learning experience but it is not easy.

We look forward to reviewing your applications

[OOC contact info PM me or add me on Discord at Kavoir#4563 the character is also on the key Hat and Cloak and I spend a decent amount of time AFKing near the entrance of the building. Trade me if you want my attention promptly if you go that route.]
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