[Rumor] The Grim Eater

East of Gold is Kysei, home of the Chaturanga and Karaten alliance, famed for its soldiers.
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[Rumor] The Grim Eater

Post by Snake » Fri Aug 12, 2016 8:23 pm

There is an old rumor lingering in the continent of Kysei. It's about a certain creature that roams in the northwestern forests that lead to the forbidden coast. If sailed ahead for [Redacted] hours, you will find a [Redacted] and then you should turn to the [Redacted], and it should be hinted that there is what most call a 'Dark Zone', in the middle of the ocean. Any events past this point are unknown and redacted to public knowledge.

The term 'Grim Eater' was formed around a supposed white themed creature or entity with big, sharp claws and razor-like teeth, two medium-sized pitch-black horns and bat-like wings who relentlessly chases, kills and consumes anyone who dares invade their territory.
One is able to distinguish when they are about to enter the entity's territory by seeing the foul smell of decaying flesh and many mortal remains who are either staked against the trees or simply eviscerated to the point of nonrecognition and further gore splashed everywhere, in a mix of fresh and dried blood. Almost artistic.

It's also said they visit the nearby cities at midnight to eat children who are not asleep in their beds. And many chataran scouts from their guard force have seen a person matching the rumor's descriptions at late-night when doing the usual routine patrols nearby Chaturanga's territory.

Last year, the murder cases have skyrocketed as the rumor have been spread around Kysei, all the unfortunate victims were curious adventurers who decided to prove this rumor or myth wrong, or simply wandered there for the sake of the adventure's thrill. The fever for the 'hunt' after the creature ceased mere weeks later when it was proved fruitless and simply confirmed suicide.

The guard force hasn't made any actions to detain whatever lingers in this forest, as they judged it being a waste of effort, and whatever's in there didn't show signs of doing anything beyond it's 'territory', and for security purposes, they decided to deploy a guard camp before the forest, with the objectives of keeping the curious away, or giving advices for the people who have a daily routine of walking in the roads nearby the 'unsafe' forest to not wander past the signs that read 'Danger, do not wander in this forest without authorization' and 'Do not trespass from this point, you have been warned'.

"Each one who dared to adventure there was never seen again. Though, in my personal opinion, it's a good thing. The Shaitan incidents are proportionally diminishing thanks to this strange rumor, the people are slowly becoming afraid of living or walking near that forest, but it's for their own good. And whatever is inside that place, 'probably' didn't head out of it... Probably."
~ Tyson Miller, Chataran Scout Corporal
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