READ ME: Mapping Guidelines & Notes

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READ ME: Mapping Guidelines & Notes

Post by Neus » Wed Sep 23, 2015 9:35 pm

1) Avoid stepping on toes.

If you want to undertake a mapping project for a region established in lore, that is perfectly fine. However, before you start, please make a topic on this forum and ask me; I will post a reply ASAP. (Something like Seeking Permission: Hyoya would be a good topic title). I can also provide information about the location if you need, or give my 'vision' for how it would look if I mapped it myself. Furthermore, browse the list of topics and see if anyone else is already working on that map. It would be a shame to start on something that is already being worked on, and maybe you can collaborate with others also interested.

If your map is not an area established in lore, that is also okay, but you will need to get my permission still, because what you have in mind for adding may not be a valid submission or fit with the lore of the game. But whether or not it is or isn't is something you can only find out by asking me!

Basically, it's better to ask me before you put in a bunch of effort, than to ask afterwards on the assumption that there won't be any complications.

2) Test your maps. Make them pretty.

You can test maps by compiling and running the mapping environment. Check for things like density, lighting, weather, proper eye restrictions, and so on.

Try to put forth some decent effort if you're interested in making a map. If I take a look at it and I feel it could be improved, I will let you know; I won't use any map I feel is particularly poor. My standards aren't monumentally high, though; as long as you can come up with something coherent or similar in (subjective) quality to existing maps, then I probably won't complain. (Though I imagine some of you can do better because I am middling at best).

3) Posting your submission.

First of all, make sure you don't upload any irrelevant files; you will only need to upload the new map (.dmm) file as well as any new resources (icons/music) that you have used and defined. Do not edit or upload any of the files included with the .rar download.

Secondly, it might be best to organize your project into one topic and using that to communicate questions, posting WIPs you want feedback on, and so on. If you're posting WIPs, you can also post screenshots; if you want my feedback, be clear, but I'll probably chime in anyway.

  • If I use your map in game, I will give you Asagorians as my limited way of saying thank you. I don't know how many, it probably depends on the size and scope of the map!
  • I will also be more than willing to have your key/whatever identifying information/etc. be immortalized in game, perhaps as a founder statue placeable that can be read, or so on, somewhere in the map itself, in a non-IC breaking way (or perhaps as an OOC note), to let everyone know that you were the one who made the map.
  • Anything else can be discussed with me, so feel free to ask.