Dormeho Cove

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Dormeho Cove

Post by Slydria » Mon Sep 28, 2015 10:32 am

You've probably already seen a preview of this map from my post in the questions thread but I feel now I'm at a comfortable point to upload it, so I give to you my first map, Dormeho Cove.
dormeho cove.rar
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This is a 50x50 map that was made mostly with already existing assets, except for the deep water tiles which I got from (which is included in the .rar)

It's a simple idea that stemmed from there being no beach areas available in the game currently and some nostalgia for the Dormeho of SL1 with it's cliffside overlooking a wide beach area.

Now I've tried to make sure that things are working as they should be but as this is my first map, it's likely that I may have overlooked something.

I hope you all like it.

EDIT: Whoops, forgot to actually put the icon in the .rar. Aaaand I should have done an overworld icon, so here's that.
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Re: Dormeho Cove

Post by Akame » Mon Sep 28, 2015 2:40 pm

It looks nice. Well done!
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