[COMPLETE/REQ]Miv's Battle Maps - 9/29/15

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[COMPLETE/REQ]Miv's Battle Maps - 9/29/15

Post by Mivereous » Mon Sep 28, 2015 11:48 pm

I made my first set of nine average sized Battle Maps. For now I'm marking this as a Request as well, since I hope to maybe not use crude methods of achieving certain effects in the future. Things I'm requesting features for will be marked as such.
Contains 9 average sized battle maps; two placeable dmi edits, one turf dmi edit; sized down - 9/29/15
(42.83 KiB) Downloaded 117 times
[REQ] Ice Points and ice tiles that do not 'break'.

Jammer Cavern 1 [FINISHED]

EDIT: Fleshed out the bottom of the cliff because I forgot to before, oops.

Shortly ahead in the distance, you see a path that leads up to a small overlook. Looks like quite the climb, but the view at the top might just be worth it.

Jammer Cavern 2 [FINISHED]

You might remember hearing about how the Jammer race seems to have developed from some sort of poisonous pool. Seems that idea might not be wrong.

Black Door 1 [REQ] - A mechanic to attract non-immobile mobs and all obj types towards an object, such as pulling mobs and the Orbiting Planets towards the Warp Hole 1 tile per round. Objects that hit it would be destroyed, and mobs that are moved near it take Null damage.

In the miniaturized vastness of the Black Door, you come across a dead system that seems about to be reborn. The swirling darkness in the middle of it all only emits more darkness, and takes with it all light and warmth. Of course, you can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs...

Crypt 1 [FINISHED/QUE] - Not sure if I should have left the Gravestone level at 0 or not; I was unsure if that should be left alone due to being affected by other forces.

As you listen to the beat of your feet through the dead silent halls, you come across a less well kept area. As you walk closer to inspect one of the less worn gravestones, you hear a soft 'swoosh' just by your side. You're already reading the gravestone - and it has your name.

Desert 1 [FINISHED]

Wandering through the desert, you come across an abandoned camp. Looking around, you can easily tell why they left - no water! Oh, and the monsters probably didn't help.

Forest 1 [FINISHED]

While out on a leisurely nature stroll, you come across a quiet area with a beautiful pond. You go to sit down on a nearby rock, but luckily manage to get away before the 'rock' takes a bite out of your butt.

Fire Altar 1 [FINISHED/QUE] - Not sure if I should have left the Cinders level at 0 or not; I was unsure if that should be left alone due to being affected by BDP level or other forces.

Why you came into the blazing temple, you have no idea. It's hot. The ground is breaking. The birds are loud. The walking bells are louder. You're sweaty. Everything is sticking to you. Even the...lava..?

Whirlpool [FINISHED/REQ] - Currently the seaweed is actually Immobilizing traps with a range of 0. I had originally wanted something like I requested in the Black Door above, but with this, whirlpools that attracted mobs within 2 tiles by 1 tile per round. Also, I would like to request the seaweed actually doing what I've made it do, if possible; "X gets caught up in the tangled seaweed!" and Immobilizes for 1 round.
With the sudden appearances and disappearances of BDPs, it's no surprise that sometimes, something manages to get caught in it. A boat, a crew, a treasure...

Bandit Den [FINISHED/REQ] - Currently two of the barrels are 'Explosive Barrels' and explode after what I assume is 5 and 10 rounds (one is set to dura 5, the other dura 10). I would like to request making actual barrels that can be targeted and attacked to explode immediately, or set on fire (with maybe a new item, or fire effects/spells) to explode at the end of the round, and preferably act like Bombs in this suggestion, and do BDP level/2 fire damage within 2-3 range.

EDIT: Changed these to be actual bombs with dura 5 and 10, so we can see how that works.

Air was right, the bandits were using the BDPs as temporary strongholds; they moved the thieves and smugglers to random locations, as long as the core remained active. As soon as they figured it was about to collapse, they would bail and find another. Another option? Give them a taste of their own medicine.
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Re: [COMPLETE/REQ]Miv's Battle Maps - 9/29/15

Post by WaifuApple » Sun Jul 07, 2019 2:22 am

Now I know this was long, long ago, the player is likely far gone and I'll probably get smited by someone for necroposting HARD, but these were interesting things that never got so much as a reply. With a lot of battlefields lacking any kind of charm to them (most cases just being consisted of a single tile the whole way through and nothing else) I really do want to draw attention to the work that was done here after all this time and hope that perhaps they could be implemented.
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