[REQ] Egwyn

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[REQ] Egwyn

Post by Breakaway~totheweird » Wed Jan 20, 2016 4:48 pm

I'd like to take a whack at mapping either portions or most of the continent, if it hasn't been worked on. As so, some questions come to mind:

1. How much progress has been made with Egwyn?
2. Considering that Egwyn is located south of Sigrogana, does it have warmer, tropical temperatures/climates? Would it rain frequently?
3. I can only assume that the mountainous region Corbies reside in are located in the northern parts of the land. Are there any other notable landmarks not mentioned in the wiki?
4. In relation to Kaelensia living in different locations based on their type, where do Lupines, Felidae, Leporidae, and others stay at?
5. What's the housing like (if they aren't made from thatch and wood)?
6. How do locals react to visitors? Their own kind?
7. Any prominent buildings/ monuments that should be considered?
8. How large is Kaellia? Does it have a specific purpose?

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Re: [REQ] Egwyn

Post by Neus » Fri Jan 22, 2016 2:57 am

1. None.
2. Yes.
3. None at the moment.
4. The best I can tell you at the moment is different portions of land.
5. Probably rather primitive outside of Kaellia, which have buildings made of stone. Things like huts and tents.
6. They tolerate visitors in Kaellia as mentioned on the wiki. Everywhere else is probably hit/miss unless you're a Kaelensia.
7. Maybe some statues in the likes of the ancestors, other than that no.
8. Probably about as big as Cellsvich, just with less density.

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