[REQ] Bloody Bay

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[REQ] Bloody Bay

Post by Coffeeccubus » Sat Apr 07, 2018 8:06 am

When I was looking at the new continent that was added in Alstalsia, I've noticed there was two seemingly port cities, Bycoast and Bloody Bay... Bloody Bay namely caught my attention and got me thinking of a few questions

- Whats the story of Blood Bay?
- By the name of it, will it be more of a lawless town unlike what I think Bycoast would be (in which would be more of a lawful town)?

IF YES (for the pirate part)
- Will there be pirates?
- Who administers Bloody Bay?
- Would Blood Bay have some sort of Ship Owning thing? Maybe Sailing?
- Would it be more hidden from the other towns if this is the case? Perhaps another island?
- Do we need to build reputation in order to fully co-operate with the locals given they are outlaws?
- Who would be the friendly faces who would always trust you?

IF NO (and in general)
- What would Bloody Bay be like?
- Where would Bloody Bay be located?
- Would Bloody Bay be a sister city of Bycoast or just happens to be apart of it but classified as a separate entity?
- Is Blood Bay known for death or something? Or the fact the water looks deep as red like blood?
- If it's deep as red, would it be located near Redgate?
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