Pixel problems

Bugs from beta versions only.
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Pixel problems

Post by Ninjahzzzz » Mon Feb 20, 2017 5:08 pm

So, while the pixel movement 'beta' (Even though the test server is currently, at the time of writing this, the only server.) seems to be... plagued by a few noticeable problems. While this post isn't meant to be exhaustive of them, and I'm quite certain others will fill in any problems I've missed, I'm still going to go through and list all the ones I've noticed as of the time of writing, so that, if nothing else, we can have a checklist to go down and make sure everything has been accounted for before pushing it live.

1.The removal of click-move on the overworld, even if it's some sort of engine limitation, happens to make life just that little bit harder, which, given the general point of updates aside from new content is quality of life improvements, is a bit backwards.

2.WASD is currently removed, this is likely a bug, but it's still something very much needed by certain people (like myself, actually.)

3.Walking animations are bugged, which makes it look like we're all ghosts floating around without having to actually move.

4.Unable to walk through diagonal tiles (for example the shortcut around the forest). Probably not a bug, probably already reported, but again, quality of life should be a goal, thus is should be tweaked regardless.

5.The movement is precise to the point that getting through any 1-tile doors (IE most of them) is more difficult than it needs to be.

I'm only mostly sure all of these are bugs/things that weren't intentional, but either way, this is all the major 'bugs' that I've noticed so far.
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Re: Pixel problems

Post by aquadragon97 » Mon Feb 20, 2017 5:30 pm

Certain overlap problems come around on top of NPC's and roofs where the character model will be on top of them.

Hookshot also aligns itself to the tile, not the character, causing awkward de-syncs in animation.

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