Black Spirits

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Black Spirits

Post by Chaos » Tue Aug 09, 2016 4:28 am

Currently, while White Spirits give a nice, small boost to HP/FP and also apply a skill rank boost. This is fine. However, Black Spirits currently have a paltry '+3% to one specific race' boost. This is on-and-off in PvE and neglible in PvP, and should really be tuned to work better for both.

However, it is also important to recognize that Black Spirits are the yin to White Spirit's yang; whereas the white spirits are helpful, the black spirits are dicks. It is also important that black spirits do not give too much without having some sort of drawback for it, and it is fitting for black spirits to screw with the one they're possessing for as much as they're helping them along.

With these two points in mind, here's my idea:
Each Black Spirit will provide a (stacking) boost of +4% to all damage dealt by the user. However, each Black Spirit will come with ONE random penalty, chosen from the following list:
*All damage dealt to the user is increased by (a stacking) +4%
*-1 Rank to a non-Inate skill from the user's equipped classes (each black spirit chooses a different skill)
*Damage received from a randomly chosen element (rare elements are not chosen) will always count as a Weakness, regardless of the user's resistance to that element (each black spirit chooses a different element)
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Re: Black Spirits

Post by Exxy » Tue Aug 09, 2016 8:15 am

What about:

-Removing differentiating icons (or give some Black Spirit their counterpart's icon because: they're supposed to be full of trickery/deceit/harm/etc), therefore you don't know what you're getting until after you've already invited the spirit in. Adding more risk to the concept overall.

-Black spirits give a +2% damage boost for a +3% damage intake?

-The rest of what you said, applying.


Although I have to ask. Element in regards to magic-only or will physical 'elemenets' be considered as well (I.E. Slash, Blunt, Pierce, etc.)?

But yes, the boosted Racial Damage bit is underwhelming on its own (and in most instance, I imagine it devalues LE perks associated with the same race... assuming people still use them). Unless we're given access to other Racial Damage Boosters that are not in the LE Perk List, in which case it would be slightly more useful (I'm not sure what options they provide in their current state). A readjustment (of whatever degree/change) would probably be welcome.
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