Where the Guards handle/patrol for new players

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Where the Guards handle/patrol for new players

Post by Aqua » Sun Feb 09, 2020 7:26 pm

Guards of SL2 and where they Handle

So when it comes to being a new person on SL2 and you have to report things to the guards not everyone is aware if they should do so or where the guards exactly operate so! I am here to give that information really for those that aren't aware of such information! As a note Each Guard force currently available is a Guild within the actual game.

(OOC note: Not every place has a guard force in place at this moment in time as well as not every city is mapped and those that aren't won't be added to the list to avoid confusion.)

Guards Of Sigrogana

The guards of Sigrogana are a guild that bare a red Guild badge with the name 'Guards of Sigrogana'. Below are the cities that they have Authority to patrol and where they Cover! Often referred to as First Squad.

Cellsvich - The main city where new players start

Tannis - One of the cities attacked by Black Beast randomly

Dormeho - The very Southern town on the Region. Also attacked by Black Beasts randomly
Dormeho does have its own Militia which do have the right to act if the guards cannot act immediately.

Voilegard - A farming town below Darkwood Manor.
Voilegard also has it's own Militia who can act if the guards cannot act immediately.

Darkwood Manor - A haunted Manor above the town of Voilegard. NPC's guards are stationed here, don't ignore them.

It's safe to assume that guards are omni-present across the entire Empire. This includes NPC guards. DON'T IGNORE THEM.

Shinsengumi (Onigan Guards)

The guards of Oniga, A.K.A the Shinsengumi, are the pride the capital city of Gold. The handle all things Oniga.

Oniga - Accessable through the mage guilds that can be found in most cities with in the game, this is currently the only town the Shinsengumi patrol at this moment in time.

Knights of Chaturanga (Chataran Guards)

The guards of Chaturanga as the name states really, they patrol the city of chatarunga.

Chaturanga - A chess town on the region of Kysei. Looks most like a chess board if anything. This can also be found in any of the Mage guilds.

The Adjudicators (Alstalsian Guards)

The High Council generally owns most of the land in Alstalsia in one way or anything, and makes certain their own territory is well-equipped. Alstalsia, the capital city, has the Arbiter, which is essentially the nation's military Commander. He runs a collective of heavily trained enforcers known as the Adjudicators, which is the Alstalsian version of the First Squad. They are not first squad however.

Alstalsia - The capital city of Alstalsia, protected by the Arbiter and his Adjudicators.

??? (Karaten Law Enforcment)

Karaten - Mage city in Kysei.

If for whatever reason you need to report something to the guards, feel free to ping the guards in #pingme channel in the public discord. for example @Guards: There's been a bomb threat in Cellsvich! PLEASE NOTE: One guard force does not handle all the regions. Only ask for the guard force who have Juridristion in that area. For example Onigan guards for Oniga etc

Discord Server: https://discord.gg/SvBYGRB (THIS IS NOT A PERSONAL DISCORD, This is the SL2 Public discord server in which you can get in contact with the guards and other factions such as the Hospital etc.)