Lore Questions: January (2019)ish

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Re: Lore Questions: January (2019)ish

Post by Detective100 » Sat May 11, 2019 9:29 pm

I have a couple question about Hyatt-Namely, about any would be worship:

1) First, are there any cults, churches, or anything of the sort that currently exist for Hyatt? Are there any worshipers of Hyatt, and if so, how many?

2) As the patron deity of the hyattrs, how would he have interacted with them?

3) What type of teachings, tenets, and/or rules would Hyatt have given to his would-be-churches, if he could? (For example, how Mercala warns against a too casual use of mercelan healing magic, and instead prefers her followers to use ordinary means of healing if possible, instead of using healing magic as a crutch)

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Re: Lore Questions: January (2019)ish

Post by Tamaki-Kun » Thu May 30, 2019 6:31 am

Heeeere we go.

Outer Space:
1) What are the starsigns? Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, etc. What are they, exactly?

2) Are they actual planets? If so, can we see them via telescope or some other sight-enhancing thing?

3) How much do people know about outer space, anyway? Are they aware of comets and all that?

1) Is it possible for Youkai to have different forms/parts? Say, a Byakko with long, tail-like whiskers. Or an Apus with four wings instead of two.

2) Is it plausible for a Youkai to shrink in size via summoning them or some other means? i.e. a Kilkenny being summoned with minimal focus, and instead of a big 'ol cat, we get a small kitten-youkai that has minimized power?

3) If yes to the above, would that mean the amount of focus drained is reduced?

Sigrogana(The Empire- or I think it's an empire.):
1) Not sure if it's been asked before, but what kind of military does it have? Similar to- other, regular armies in real life like having a fleet of battleships, soldiers on the ground, and stealth/spy operatives?

2) What do people generally think of adventurers nowadays? The general opinion/view of them since they're often around their capitals/towns, Cellsvich especially. The common folk- the poor, the nobles, and anything in between.

Other Stuff:
1) Is it possible for someone to invent trains/planes/all those other things through hard work and effort- in a reasonable amount of time in-character?

2) Do most materials in real life exist in Sigrogana as well? Plastic and the like.

3) How modern is Sigrogana, exactly? Like- a rough estimate? If I recall, electricity isn't needed since we have the Salamander Structure for those things, but is it still a known alternative to things?

I think that's all from me... for now.
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Re: Lore Questions: January (2019)ish

Post by Spoops » Mon Jun 03, 2019 3:26 pm

Wild Elves:
1) Is every elf born outside of Mersales a wild elf automatically? Including elven children born to a Mersalen elf (or elves) who has been domesticated for the most part?

2) What are the importance of the spots then in that case? Does it show impurity from not being born in the paradise of Mersales?

3) I've been told that vampires cannot regenerate certain racial parts once they are lost, does this hold true for all racial parts?

4) Do these racial parts regenerate upon misting and reforming in in the vampire's lair?

5) Focus signatures are something I've heard to be a thing in the past, who exactly can utilize the ability? Are zerans more proficient at this?
5b) Is the Majistra guild able to detect these in any way?

6) Can focus signatures be changed in any way, including by liches who have reconstructed themself a new body. (This is in relation to one of my liches, who is currently on the wanted board, I am wondering if by re-creating his body he is able to travel un-noticed or not.)

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Re: Lore Questions: January (2019)ish

Post by Slydria » Sun Jun 16, 2019 10:04 pm

I've got a few questions about Theno:

1) We know Theno have fin-like protrusions near their ears and have smooth skin.

But for absolute clarity's sake, is it possible for Theno to have other features such as:

1a) Fish-like scales on parts of their body.
1b) Gills.
1c) Fins in other locations. (E.g. On top of their head, back, arms or legs?)
1d) Fish-like tails.
1e) Irregular skin colour. (E.g. Blue skin)

2) Are Theno able to breathe underwater or can they hold their breath for extended periods? Assuming one or the other, how long can they generally do this for?

3) We know Theno are native to the seas south of Egwyn and tend to live on small islands. Are there a series of islands south of Egwyn then? If so, do they have a known name?

4) I'm curious about some of the general culture around Egwyn-based Theno:

4a) For instance, what's their social structure like? Do they live in tribes like other Egwyn natives? Do they have roles such as a chieftain, shamans, warriors, hunters, gatherers and so on?

4b) If they're tribal, is there one big tribe or a handful of smaller tribes south of Egwyn?

4c) How do these Theno typically treat others? Such as foreigners or even other Egwynians?

4d) Are there any notable laws or rules to these Theno?

5) What's the average lifespan for a Theno?

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