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Lore Questions: Archive

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Upon request, I've fished the Lore Questions already answered from the old forums. Enjoy.

EDIT: And now they're ordered correctly, woo.

The Big Old Lore Questions Thread:
So just curious and wanted to ask, how long do the many different races of SL2 live around to?

Also is there a list of all the God's of SL2 as well as which ones perished in Heaven's Contention?
Humans live around 80 years typically.
Kaelensia typically live about 1.5x longer than humans. (120 years typically)
Corrupted typically live about 1.3x longer than humans. (104~ years typically)
Vampires and Elves live a looooong time; Vampires can live indefinitely, and no one's actually seen an Elf die of old age.
Zerans live about twice as long as humans. (160 years typically)
Wyverntouched live about 1.2x longer than humans. (96 years typically)
Glykin can live about twice as long as humans. (160 years typically)
Mechanations can exist indefinitely, as long as they are properly maintained.
Redtails live about 1.5x longer than humans. (120 years typically). However, some tales say that Redtails can live forever by stealing the luck of other mortals, which usually leads to that mortal's demise soon after. (Could this be true? Maybe, but recall what others say about a certain other race that isn't actually them...)

The only information I'm putting out on the gods currently are what's in the lore already; so you have Charachin, Nairyf, Ryart, and Zera as the confirmed dead gods. You also have the ones who aren't dead, like Glycon, the Great Beasts, and Mercala (technically). I may have missed one or two.

There are more Gods, of course, but remember that they are not always the idol of worship, and like their privacy.
Might as well throw a question in here:

1. We know how Umbrals and Shaitans are corrupted. But how does an Oracle's corruption work?
2. More of a compatibility question, but how do Zerans (as a general whole) view/approach/handle Zeran x Non-Zeran relations, since they have 'Superiority' and all.
1 - It's like the Umbral condition, only no one knows what starts it. Sometimes, human children are born as oracles, but most of the time they aren't.
2 - Some would probably not like the idea at all; some might be accepting provided the Zeran is the pants-wearer of the relationship.
Is there any lore surrounding the mages' guild? If so, what are the basics of its structure in Sigrogana?
Basically the Mage's Guild is an outpost of Karaten. They run the portals, and offer services to the general public, etc, but they also deliver messages/packages for members, and such. Usually, if people have a magic-related problem, they will consult with the Guild, who may then pass it on to higher ups, or handle it themselves.

This is true in most places, but in Oniga, they do not run any operations aside from the portals, which are under careful watch.
Can we go a bit more in-depth on how advanced Karaten and Karaten technology is?
I can't really answer a question this vague, but they created artificial humans. That should give you some idea on what they're capable of.
May I ask the opinions and influence of religions within the different lands of Sigrogana?
Well, Lispool is a city centered around the Mercalan faith. Onigans typically pay homage to protective spirits (Seiryuu, etc). Glykin obviously have a loose faith that they follow, and most races have a Patron Deity that they probably are aware of/respect. The opinion probably depends on the faith and the person.
Related to Religion are Patron Deties worshipped outside their race? Like does Glycon have human or Vampire followers? Do Huggosoan Cults crop up every now and then?
Well, that depends on the person, but I don't see any reason that would exclude the possibility.
Getting even farther from that how does Organized Religion tend to work? Do the people of Kysei have any kind of organized religion at all and how do they feel about the gods beyond Karaten probably seeing them as untapped power sources?
Who are the major players of the Mercalan Faith and what does their power hierarchy look like?
Are Monastic Orders common? Is there an order of Glycon who believes the true path to enlightenment is a healthy mind, body and soul?
1) Not especially; the perception of gods doesn't really differ based on the region, though Kysei probably respect Deities they see as honorable and strong more than others.
2) Well, Mercala's incarnation is pretty much the majorest of players. There are also Church Knights, who deal with protecting her and members of the faith. Other than that, there really isn't much of a system.
3) I wouldn't say they're common, but they aren't extremely rare or anything.
That answered the last of my questions, but I was still curious about mechanations recognizing a form of family, and also doesn't tell me if humans have a dominant trait.
Mechanations do what they're designed to do. Humans don't have any dominant traits.

Going to jump in on this.

What's the deal with Gold's geography? Someone suggested that Gold became covered in sands and desert after the curse hit; this possibly meaning that the landscape wasn't a desert before. On the wiki, however, Gold was given its name due to its golden sands, perhaps insinuating that the land was a large portion of desert already when the war occurred.
That meant more the sands of its shores than the sands on its land, but it is possible that in some corner of the continent, there was a desert-like landscape.
I have a question about Arcana:

In SL1, we had Avatar's and Aspects that presided over each of their own respective domain. Do we have some sort of being or aspect over each domain in SL2? Do the domains even -exist-?
Domains exist, but they're more a classification. Arcana is based on the power of those gods they're named after, but they're entirely manipulated, created, and fueled by mortals and their focus, which is why there are many variations. Though, some small number of mages in the know about the dead gods (which is probably most of them) have theorized that arcana is still fueled by the gods in some way, even if they're dead, and if the dead deity's energies run out, that type of arcana will be gone forever. But this is, of course, just a theory.

Vampire stuff.

Are they required to feed to stay alive/powerful if they never use their abilities?
Vampires feed on the blood of creatures, and as they feed on more and more victims, they become more powerful. A vampire that does not feed gradually becomes weaker over time, and one that does not feed at all will eventually turn to ash and scatter to the winds. However, as long as they feed enough to keep themselves alive, they refrain from aging, and can live longer than anyone could stick around to count.
How do their bodies differ from humans? Fangs, temperature, etc.
They have fangs, though depending on the person/power, they can be subtle or pronounced. Body temperature does not usually differ between them and mortals, which is probably good for them.
What physical requirements do they need? Air, food, sleep, etc.
They need air (we all need Air). Food is optional, but can be a supplement to get Focus, although it is nowhere near enough on its own to replace blood. Sleep is a little different. Vampires can sleep, but doing so doesn't give them much focus as it would with a mortal race (this little detail is not expressed in gameplay for your convenience).
Is there any difference between feeding on a vampire and on a mortal?
Not really, though drinking the blood of another vampire is extremely taboo to them. The only exception would be a vampire offering their blood to a starving vampire who could die without it, and even then, it's considered very strange but necessary, and some vampires will just refuse it outright for that reason, even if it results in the other vampire dying.
I'm guessing a more powerful vampire would have more pronounced fangs?
Just making sure.
Also forgot to ask if vampires can get sick/etc.
Probably, yes, though they're more resistant to disease/etc.
What happens if a mortal drinks vampire blood from one/a few people but not all six?
Does it store up, wear off, are there any side effects or what?
Drinking the blood has to be in succession or all at once, there's maybe an hour's worth the leeway. There aren't any side effects that you wouldn't get from drinking regular blood.
So, if a mortal drank from one vampire, a human, and then five vampires, they wouldn't perform the ritual, correct?

Also, since I don't believe this got answered, what races are immune to corruption?

Only humans are vulnerable to corruption.
My question on this matter.. doesn't this seem like a 'get out of side effect free pass' for all non-human races if they entered a dark zone or were exposed to a black eclipse?
The 'side effect' is the least of your worries if you're in a dark zone.
Just a few queries on the subject on Mechanation. Aside from origin and such, and how they're really made, since we know at least that much, how do people go about actually learning how to make them, legally? Like, does Karaten, being the founder, by lore, pose restrictions on those are a licensed/allowed, and what are these restrictions in the gist of it? Do you even need a license to make Mechanation? Additionally, what about formal schooling to learn about making/maintaining Mechanation, etc. It doesn't have to be a specific, paragraph-long answer, but just something enough to answer them.
Anyone with the know-how and materials can make them, but they (the Mechanation) have to be registered officially. Usually this isn't an issue, since the source for the most important part is monitored and close to Karaten. You don't need a license beyond that. People who make Mechanations are usually students of those who also make them, and so the knowledge of creation and maintaining gets passed on that way.
Okay, two more vampire questions. The last, I promise.

1. Does feeding on people of any race/ability have different effects, other than the obvious "Glykin = much pain, very wow"?
For example, would feeding on an extremely powerful mage/redtail/elf be any different than on a simple goblin.

2. Can blood be stored in a container of some sort (possibly with something to keep it "good") and be used later as a regular substitute for fresh blood?
A mage would probably have more focus in their blood, making it more 'nutritious', but otherwise no.

Not in a way that would make it any more helpful to consume than food.
Would a vampire be able to regrow (or reattach) limbs by healing themselves, or would they have to be "killed"?
They would be able to reattach them with healing magic like anyone else, dying is also an option.
There's nothing stating on the Wiki or lore that Kaelensia, Other Races (aside from Mechanation), and two of the Ancients can't become Vampires, but what would happen to their physical traits, that they are born with, if they were sired or chose to become a Vampire? Would a Zeran's horns just fall off? Would an Elf's pointed ears disappear? Would a Redtail's tail suddenly disintegrate into nothing? Would a Kaelensia's ears and tail just stop existing?
Probably not.
Are corrupted races completely immune to the effects of a dark zone, as in an Oracle or Umbral could remain in one virtually unaffected?

And on the case of Oracles I wanted to get a few things clear:
You mentioned once that an Oracle's vision is limited to a little past arm's length and anything they see beyond that is "visions of the future", is that accurate?
Well, you can't get corrupted if you're already corrupted, so that's one problem (of many)...

And oracle visions don't really work that way. It can show a possible future, but seeing it doesn't exclude it from happening.
Right so about Void Assassins, is their void this one: http://sl2.wikia.com/wiki/The_Void?

And I remember something about using the void being unhealthy in the long term where was that?
Yes, that is the one.

Generally, if you overuse unsafe teleportation, like Voidgates or excessive Blinking, you can develop a sickness called void poisoning that weakens the body; think of it as minor overexposure to something like radiation. Obviously if you continue to use it while you have this condition, it gets worse, and it can be fatal.

Portals made by the Majistra family are safe, in that they don't have this drawback, but they're also more limited because it requires more concentration and the 'points' of teleportation can't be moved. Think of the comparison being something like walking through a damp, dark cave with spider webs all over, versus walking through a clean, concrete tunnel with plenty of lighting. Which is why the Mage's Guild hires them.
Does coffee exist? If so, where does it originate, and is it sold in other places?

Also, does any forms of smoking exist, and if so, which ones?
Yes. It originates on Egwyn mainly, but it's sold everywhere.

Certain plants like Yama Blind and Landlaugher can probably be smoked, usually through pipes (kiseru in Oniga are fairly popular).
To add to sawrock, what cities would be well known for thier alcohol, such as where would you want your wine or beer?
Probably Chaturanga (war is hell, etc) and Alstalsia (we will have the best everything ever).
1) If the reason humans can be corrupted is because they lack a patron god, why can't elves be corrupted? Does it have to do with the whole "possibly magical immortality" thing?
Just because you aren't aware of a patron deity doesn't mean you don't have one.
2) About how big is Mersales? City-sized? Country-sized?
About the size of the northern end of Sigrogana (the land mass behind the trees/mountains where the capital is).
Can Vampires be cured in any way ever at all?
A question about healing? Would a Curate/Lantern Bearer be able to regrow missing digits (fingers/toes) without having the missing piece on hand (say the missing finger/toe was obliterated in some manner)
They could, yes, though they must weigh the benefits of doing so against the tenets of Mercala.
Are Curates/Lantern Bearers apart of the church then? Or is there some direct link to Mercala when you're a curate or Lantern bearer? What really -is- the connection between Mercala and Curate/Lantern Bearers?
If they use Mercana, that's it.
Also, what are the consequences for going against the tenets of Mercala?
The Church won't like you and if you're helping spread chaos with it, you will probably be put down by a high-ranking Church Knight.
Would there be any way for an animal such as a magic dog to be a vampire?
Probably not.
Do lapine (rabbit) Kaelensia exist? I'm pretty sure it's a no, but I've seen people running around claiming to be rabbits because of the bunny band. Which I don't see as a big deal if their character is lying about it and hiding their true race, but I'm curious just in case.
Not going to comment on the prospects of future races, but they aren't available right now, but it's not really a big deal so who cares.
Can Phenixes fly like Corbies?
What exactly determines where a particular vampire's "sanctuary" is? A conscious decision? Marking blood someplace? The forces of the universe choosing that place for them?

Do vampires necessarily even know where their "sanctuary" is? Can it change locations?
A sanctuary is just a place a vampire can reform without being in danger. This basically means anywhere away from other people in a cavern, usually ones where bats roost.
Year 0 probably is not the beginning of all things, just the beginning of recorded time or some great historical event. So I guess roughly speaking how old is the world of Sigrogana?
Year 0 is the end of Heaven's Contention, and that ended when Ryart and Zera killed each other, so yes.

The world existed before that, though, for an undetermined amount of time because no one was counting before then.
I've been wondering for a bit, just what else does Glykin blood stop other then poisons.

Does it stop other things that affect them don't technically harm their bodies like say a sedative or some drug, and, most important, does it prevent them from being drunk?
It does not. I wouldn't see it being much of a blessing otherwise.
Would Elves be afflicted by sickness and such after leaving Mersales?
They can be, yes.
Does the world of Sigrogana have any history of slavery? Is it currently legal anywhere? (I assume not, but you never know...)
While slavery has never been a legal option anywhere (unless you count Mechanations as slaves, I guess), one of the problems that Sigrogana and Alstalsia have to deal with as a country at times is slavery. While it's never anything obvious, there have been cases of certain individuals owning slaves and selling them. Usually the enslaved races are ones that are useful to certain purposes (Kaelensia for physical labor, Oracles for oracle things, though humans can obviously do physical labor too). Getting into that position in the first place can be varied, such as having to pay off a family debt, or getting kidnapped, etc.

This is one of the reasons why Sigrogana has such a good relationship with The Agency; they need their detectives to help in most of these cases.
As a follow up question for Elves; if Elves can be afflicted by sickness after leaving Mersales, wouldn't their immune system be nearly rubbish, since they -never- got sick on Mersales at all?
If what they say about Mersales is true, you could probably draw that conclusion.
Also, will there be a point in the future where a Dark Zone can be explored, such as by Shaitan only, seeing as they are the only ones that have already been into and possibly driven mad by the area(s)? If so, what would they contain, if that can be elaborated on at this point?
Eventually, but it's probably a bit far off. And I am purposefully vague on Dark Zones; the main reason being that no one knows. I try to make (most of) the information I offer something you could, with the right knowledge, know IC without feeling metagamey.
Where is the Mechana Forest, in relation to other key locations in the world? Is it just sitting next to a major city, where anyone can get to it? Is it out in the middle of nowhere? Is it an island? How hard is it to get in? Are there any people living in/directly around the forest?
It's directly south of Karaten on Kysei. I believe I've already said this before in this thread, but entry is strictly limited to people who need to be there, whether they need materials to make a Mechanation, or for research, etc.
How did the Llarian Scar get its name?
Good question.
Do Llarian Scars have any sentient or semi-sentient properties while they're still in their trees? Do the trees have only one Llarian Scar each, or are they scattered throughout the trees? Clustered together like a nest, or spread evenly?
They're stones, so no. Yes, trees only have one each.
Does removing the Llarian Scar from a tree impact the trees health? Does it kill the tree?
The tree dies, yes.
Is there a process to plant new Mechana trees? Can a tree from the Mechana Forest be grown anywhere else in the world with a soil/saproling transplant, as with real-world trees?
Mechana trees don't grow like normal trees, and they only grow in the soil in the forest, which is magically charged by some source. If you take a Mechana tree out of the forest and try to plant it elsewhere, it will just die. Theoretically, you could grow one in potted soil of the forest, but eventually the soil would become unsuited to hold the tree and would just be like normal dirt. Also, they don't let you take anything but Scars out of the forest, and only if you are licensed to do so.
Follow-up question on this: How would corrective lenses affect the normal and future sight of an Oracle? Would they be able to see normally a bit further, pushing "visions of the future" further into the distance? Would the "visions of the future" be clearer?

And just for kicks: could a wily engineer design a set of lenses identical to an Oracle's natural lenses to obtain some sort of temporary future sight?
They wouldn't affect them at all, I imagine, and no.
I might as well, while I'm at it.. seeing as the Llarian Scar has no sentience prior to becoming a Mechanation, do the dolls themselves have souls like the other races?
Mechanations don't have souls in the traditional sense.
How long has it been since the last Black Eclipse?
They happen every few (3-5) years. It's been about two since the last one.
How old are firearms/who first created them.
And are they prevalent in Militaries and Conflicts?
Depends on the firearms, but the general concept was created by Karaten about 10 years back. Bullets themselves are somewhat of a nullifying arcane energy (which is why they bypass defenses) with a metallic 'head', but they're pre-packaged; compare to Magic Bullets (which were also developed in Karaten), which use the user's focus to enhance their effects. Other countries have learned the tech and made modifications in some cases (such as Chaturanga).

Generally, how prevalent they are depends on the individual. Most military academies do not actually teach in their use, either due to unfamiliarity, or because their killing power in most peoples' hands is inferior to a sword or a bow. Magic Bullets are actually not technically 'legal'; they were never released because R&D found them to be too unsafe, but most of the prototypes and information on them was stolen during a break-in years ago. Since then, copies have been distributed to people who know where to look, but even then, people shy away from them due to rumors that they shorten your lifespan.
Do the eyes of a new vampire change to red after the ritual is finished, or do they retain their original eye color?
I'm going to go ahead and say either or, so people don't try and metagame red eyes = vampire.
So what type of Immortality does Kigal give(Not that this should come up ever)? And given that it does darkness damage is it in anyway connected to Huggessoa?(Since some of the other replicas reference gods)
It doesn't give any immortality, it just contains the secret to it. As to what kind, who knows? And it might!
Is The Agency a Karaten organization?
The Agency is an independent organization.
Like most Corrupted, can Papilion traits be passed on from one generation to another?

What are Papilion wings constructed of? Are they gossamer or are they made of magic? If made of magic, can they just turn them 'off' and 'on' at will?

How long do Papilion live?
1) No.
2) They're only as real as they're perceived to be, yes. Yes.
3) The same as any other Corrupted.
What's the lifespan of a Doriad? (I assume they're immortal since they're nature spirits, but just double-checking.)
They are very similar to Elves in terms of lifespan, yes.
Just to be clear Doriad do not reproduce in anything resembling the traditional sense and just kind of pop up when a forest gets magical enough?
Correct. They often emerge through a tree, walking out of it as if it weren't there.
So just to be doubly clear, does that mean it would not be possible for a Doriad to reproduce at all, even with a member of another race?

Also, what's the proper capitalization for the races? I know the different human races (Lispoolian, Karatynn, etc.) are capitalized since they're named after the locations they were born/raised in.
Correct. And I don't know, you can probably capitalize them all if you wanted.
Are there any food types the common Doriad would be uncomfortable eating (things containing plants, etc.), or are they generally okay with anything? Do they even need to eat at all?
That'd probably depend on the person. As for the need to eat, they don't really need to if they get enough sunlight (which they absorb focus through), but they can.
>Is there anything that Alstalsia isn't 'the very best' at?

>Regarding the 'corrupted' category of races: Is it possible for any of the corrupt races to either obtain or have their corruption overriden by another, perhaps greater influence? (I.e. Umbral walks too far into Deepwood, Oracle leaves a Dark Zone Shaitan'd)
1) Plenty of things. That doesn't mean they don't try to be, though.
2) It is not possible. Once you're corrupted, you're corrupted in that way for good, assuming no divine-type being interferes. (Which I guess counts as a 'greater' influence.)
Are there other languages in other countries / continents on the planet, or do they all speak one universal language? And if so to the latter, how long has this been going on for?
Yes, but most default to the common language, because Sigrogana is the largest human civilization. Real world mirrors would be along the lines of; Oniga has its Japanese, Chaturanga/Kysei in general has a bunch of European languages (from before they were unified), Alstalsia has German. Kaelensia have a rather unrefined language that they use on Egwyn sometimes. Note that all of these aren't actually called Japanese/European in the setting, and it's not an invitation for you to anime up your roleplay by throwing honorifics and Japanese phrases mid-way through your English ones. (True Onigans would find that very unsightly...)
What is the deal with Youkai? How much do people know about them? What is that 5 FP per turn to maintain them? How close to possession is Installing? Is the door leading to another universe or is it a kind of limbo between worlds? What do the Youkai get out of the contract? What even are they?
I don't know. Not a lot. The cost to maintain their physical form outside of a summoning house (which is such a magical place it does it for them). Very, very close. It leads to some sort of other dimension. Youkai get focus, which they need to survive, as well as companionship, which they may desire. Dunno.
With Doriads being nature spirits, and forgive me for sounding like Emiya Shirou on this, how would they "die" if they're killed? Would they die in the same manner as a human (i.e. with blood everywhere), would they fade away, or would it work another way?
I imagine they die like every other sentient, blood-having creature.
So how long does it typically take a vampire to die of lack of blood? I mean what are the factors that would increase the time it would take.
6 years usually. That time limit can be accelerated if spent in sunlight, with over-exertion, or trying to feebly use vampire powers.
We have varying nations all around SL2, and we all pretty much know there's one universal language. Therefore, would specific nations (i.e. Oniga, Kysei, Egwyn, etc) have their own resident language, or is it just entirely only 'Sigroganan'?
I answered this above.
If Alstalsia has German, would it also have Italian because pasta/pizza originates from Alstalsia?
Certainly would.
Do gas masks exist? If so, where do they originate, and how do they work (magic, pure technology, etc)?
They exist in a somewhat more primitive fashion than you'd find today, powered by science.
I'd like to ask a question or two regarding the Sigrogana-Onigan war.
-At what year did the war happen?
-Is it the first world war?
It happened 'about ten years ago'. Mind you that I don't really pay attention to the in-game calendar, but for the sake of the story, that's how long ago it happened. Was it the first 'world war'? Well, it wasn't the first time countries not belonging to the same continent had hostilities, as Sigrogana claimed some of Chaturanga's settlements on Sigrogana, but it is the first time it was a full on war.
I'd like to ask this further; if we have languages of these such would things such as the Draconic from Dragons/Wyverns exist too? Or a form of Draconic. This being said, would that mean for the WyvernTouched whom still know their dragon parent, or have met their dragon parent, would they be able to learn Draconic from their dragon/wyvern parent?
Dragonic exists as a language important in the study of the arcane; it is a high-level language. Non-dragons/serpents, even their offspring (such as Wyverntouched, etc). can't speak it properly because it requires a special tongue (literally). Most dragonic used in arcane studies is written in the blood of magical creatures to give it power. Still, they'd probably know how to read it.
How does physical restraint with with Blink? Can you blink while tied up? Do you carry the restraints with you? Can you blink while people are holding onto you? Can you Blink indoors?

Also, can people set up "Anti-Magic" fields inside of their homes to disallow magic usage?
Blink teleports you and anything you're touching except the ground, but anything beyond your equipment and clothes causes the spell to fail. Most magic of this nature is developed with fail-safes in mind due to the highly dangerous nature of teleportation magic.
In regards to this. How painful is void poisoning? Does it's effects manifest within a single night, or over long periods of time? Are there any notable signs that someone has it? If it is sort-of-like-radiation, does the person put off any signs that they have the illness? Once it reaches a critical state, is there anyway to bring the person out of it, or will they slowly wither away and die?
Imagine void poisoning as if your entire body had a toothache. The worse the void poisoning, the more throbbing the pain. At higher levels, the victim begins developing glowing blue lacerations on their body, which eventually become fatal. Once it reaches a critical state it is almost impossible to cure the condition. You might be able to weaken the effects, but you can never get rid of it currently. Those suffering from the beginning stages can be cured with proper Mercalan treatment and ceasing the use of unsafe teleportation (basically, anything that isn't Majistran qualifies as 'unsafe').
Would I be correct in assuming that Vampires also first emerged during The Enlightenment, or are they somehow even more ancient?

Also, would there be any way post-enlightenment for a human to become a race created through the event, or was that a one time deal?
No one's really sure when Vampires first existed; they're pretty good about hiding things. And there might be a way, but aside from becoming a vampire, no one has that knowledge.
I was curious if Karatyn Technology if it was just Magitek, or if there was any other form of energy produce. Such as Steam or among other things.
A lot of Karaten technology utilizes magic or focus. Chaturangan technology is more mechanical/steam based.
What are the names of the current heads of state? (Sigrogana's Emperor Chaturanga's Queen, What have you)
The Sigrogana Emperor's name is Elial S. Erachial. The Onigan Tennou's name is Zouhan Ang, although no one calls him that, referring to him merely as Tennou. Chaturanga and Karaten operate on a council basis. The current incarnation of Mercala is Adena Mehana; the current head of the Church Knights is her sister, Ashe Mehana.
Also, what kind of government does each state/continent have? I mean, aside from the already obviously stated ones in lore (Sigrogana, Oniga, Alstalsia etc. Although Karaten and Chaturanga aren't so clear (unless Kavoir found something that implied Chaturanga to be a monarchy)).

And, if possible, can the Iahsus star system be expanded upon? (I can see that you not expanding on it is intentional, and is more of a technical system than not, but it'd be great to know how it affects the World ICLy in general).
Well, Karaten and Chaturanga operate on a council basis, as that's the one they find the most fair. Egwyn operates on a village system and doesn't really have any ruling authority. Law's End operates on the belief that you can do what you want as long as you aren't causing trouble for others, in which case, you're probably going to get shanked or sold out, so be on your best behavior. Lispool obviously listens to the incarnation of Mercala and the Church Knights. Hyoya is basically 50% swordsman dojo 50% monk temple, so they don't have a government, really.

As for Iahsus, well, what you can find in-game is pretty much what people know about it. Sometimes, Iahsus does erratic things, and sometimes that causes problems to some people.
Do High Mages in Karaten hold any kind of political say or power when it comes to the decisions made in the Karatynn government, or are they just high-standing citizens of the city upholding the law? And, if possible, can you expand on the kinds of technologies Hyoya, Lispool, etc countries have? You know, aside from what we already know ICLY about the sites we can already access.
Yes, High Mages in Karaten hold some measure of political power. While they can't decide things on their own, or anything, their opinions on matters is as important as the contributions they've made to Karaten; which is to say, if you've accomplished something significant, they'll care what you have to say. If not, they probably don't care about your personal opinion.

As for the technology question, you're going to have to ask for specifics. I don't really answer broad questions.
How accessible is Adena Mehana when it comes to crucial need for healing (see: Void Radiation, Void Lacerations, the Void in general; along with other fatal diseases as well, assuming Adena Mehana is able to heal to such an extent)?
Not very. Sometimes exceptions are made but not usually.
how would one go about killing a vampire? what are things they can actually die from?
aside from that, is there any way to stop them from misting out? what effects do holy weapons have on their wound recovery?
They're very difficult to kill, excluding an organization specifically made to do so.
What is a divine level race? Why are Herons one of them?
A divine level race is a race with immense spiritual power. Herons are one of them because their voices carry a lot of power.
And are some Arcane languages just the prayer chants of a certain god?
Arcane languages are written in languages originally created by divine level races, like draconic.
1) So half-breeds exist (Wyverntouched are perfect proof) and humans generally have no dominant traits. Children will be the race of one parent ot the other, so a Human/Anything union will generally result in the child being the other race. However, as an elf suffers from a weak immune system outside of their home, a human's traits may be "stronger" in contrast. (I know that's not how it really works, but fantasy setting.) So would a half-elf, half-human have smaller ears than a pure elf? Or would they take almost entirely after the elf parent?
They would most likely have smaller ears than a pure elf. Human lineage does have some minor impact on racial traits.
2) Is it possible for a Papillion to be physically compatible with the magics of the deep wood, but not mentally? Could they be driven insane, but still retain their life and power? (This question was inspired by their "Invite Insanity" summon.) And, if convinced that one's wings are physical, could they be torn off?
Yes, yes, yes. Your character concept sounds fine to me.
3) How prominent is an Umbral's mark? Does it glow with magic, or is it just an inert marking? Could it be covered with makeup?
It's basically like a black tattoo. You could cover it up with makeup.
So yeah Hyattr? How long do they live?
1.8x Human lifespan typically.
How does Void Poisoning affect Mechanations? Or is it the same as organic beings?
Void poisoning will destroy non-specially-made parts, and it can eventually cause the Llarian Scar to break. Though, Mechanations are fairly resistant to the effects.
How are Vampire / Witch hunts conducted since murder is something empires don't tolerate? Or is this a common thing in only Lispool because of the Church and their sanctity?
They typically aren't.
I'd like to know more about the Ghost class.

What type of energy/power is Claret Call and how does it affect a victim?
What exactly is Wraithguard?
How does Ether Invitation work? Is it magical?
How does Rebound actually work? Is it simply the Ghost pushing through the injury they have from sheer excitement over their wounded foe(s)?
Claret Call is a Mark of Weakness, a very low level Curse, that is powered by the focus in the blood of the marking.
Wraithguard is similar to an Oracle's preordinance, only it triggers from the fear of death.
Ether Invitation is basically a desperation attack that is also powered up by Claret Call's focus.
Rebound consumes the focus in Claret Call markings to physically heal the body.
How you roleplay those properties (ie, sheer excitement, etc) is up to you.
I have a question about Lantern Bearers actually and that is the hell is their Lantern? Where do they come from? Why do they do what they do? How do they work?
Alright, so... The Lantern of a Lantern Bearer is basically magical in nature. The flame burns with focus, and it attracts psuedoelementals (which are basically like youkai, only more spiritual, think of if a youkai and an elemental were to fuse; there you go). Depending on how you prepare the light of the lantern, you attract a different psuedoelemental, like Fenrir. They take up residence in the lantern, feeding on the focus, and the lantern's light gets imbued with their power.

So basically, you're enchanting the light of the flame of the lantern with an elemental.
What exactly is the extent of illusion magic?
-Can it be used to copy the physical appearance of another, and if so, precisely or in an unstable manner?
-Would the illusion be better by someone that uses it more often, or would the quality of an illusion always be the same?
-Is it Papilion only magic, or for all to use?
-Does the illusion have to be visual, or can it also be auditory? (Throwing voices, mimicry)
Illusion magic is magic that is used to alter the 'perception' of something without actually changing its properties. The way something looks, is colored, sounds; that can all be altered with illusion magic.
- Yes.
- Yes.
- It can be used by anyone who knows how to use it. Papilions are just naturally talented.
- See above.
Note that illusion magic tends to fade and not work on or near sources of powerful Earth magic, because earth denies illusions. So if you get hit by an Isendo or Iseke, the illusion will probably waver. In areas of natural earth magic, like in some Kysei mountain caverns, it just won't work at all. (There's a natural museum in Kysei outside of such a place called the Cavern of Truth, where visitors get entertained by illusion magic fading upon entering it. Like, they have these plain-looking rattle-like stick toys that get elaborate drawings on them when you enter the cave. They also end up that way when the magic on them wears off.)
Are Glykin and Wyverntouched coldblooded? I don't expect Hyattr to be though
There's no information on what the features are of the Hyattr in their race description, so what features do they have exactly? (Besides obviously dragon wings)
Wings, slitted eyes, maybe some scales along the back.
Don't know if this was asked yet but, where does the portal the corpse hand uses lead to?

And when you kill a corpse hand, are you just chopping off the hand, and closing the portal, or are you somehow really killing what ever the heck the monster is?
It leads to hell, just like it says in the skill description. Maybe you're chopping it off, maybe it's retreating into the portal and disappearing.
Also, does the concept of an afterlife exist in Sigrogana and/or does it vary by religion, location, etc.?
Beliefs in Sigrogana are quite varied, so it depends. The belief that when you die, your soul goes to an 'underworld' is fairly common, however.
What makes the portals to hell that the hands come out of?

Is it the monster it self making it, or is there something else causing these portals?
The monster itself is making the portal.
Is it possible to code magic processes into inanimate objects? If so, to what extent. Like the way someone might be able to make a talking sword, would they be able to place a magic on an item place it somewhere, then have it activate at a later time?(similar to SL1's rune mages) If so, would it work with illusion magic?

Also, is it possible to use the blood of a glykin in alchemy potions? Or any other races for that matter.
Yes. You can enchant it to do almost anything that you'd be able to do to it if you were there, although it's limited by the amount of focus you store into the object.

I guess it's possible? I'm not sure what alchemy recipe calls for 'blood' though.
So, my question is, are Vampires only affected by Holy magic/weapons, or are they also affected by Light magic? Also, should Holy Arrow be effective against them? (Holy Arrow only deals Light magic).
They are affected by Light magic, but keep in mind that Light magic =/= Light damage, which is why they don't have a Light weakness.
Alternatively: Do illusions create/affect factors such as Mass, Weight, Texture, Pain, etc.?
It depends on the skill of the illusionist, but yes. It's not simple to reproduce something like mass, weight, inertia, how the object might move if turned a certain way, etc. If the person 'testing' the illusion figures out that something's not right, the jig is up. And almost always, if the illusion is being actively manipulated, it requires the illusionist to be aware of and actively changing the illusion.
Speaking of vampires and weaknesses, what is it exactly that stops them from reproducing?

As in, scientifically, where does the process go "nope" and not work.

Female vampire specifically, but both would be nice too.
Huggessoa denies life that he did not create. So basically, when you become a vampire, you lose that ability. It's an effect of the ritual. I already answered this in-game, though.
1. Are the gods and elementals the same thing in SL2?
3. Were there more over-sized animals like the wolf that defeated hyat?
4. If hyat could use his powers to transform humans, would the wolf been able to have blessed a race with it's power too?
5. If the wolf could, is that the wolf that created Lupines?
Something to think about it, at least.
6. Are there any materials that protect against void radiation?
7. Is void energy the same as darkness energy?
8. If yes to 7. would light energy be able to even slightly protect someone inside the void?
9. Would it be possible to call forth a demon from hell to possess an item or person in SL2?
10. If yes to 9. to what extent is possible and what would be required to do so?
Are there any Vampires in Mersales?
No, and I don't think they'd have any way to be.
Timeline question. Are we in the ages of photography, or are we still in the times of paintings and portraits for memoirs of others?

IE; Does Karaten have the technology? (I hope you get that reference). And if they do, is it a public thing? Or if someone wanted any kind of something memorable of say a family member or so, do they have to see an artist?
Photography is not a widespread convenience, no. Painters are the way to go.
What is the crucial difference between elementals and the spirits conjured by Lantern Bearers? Are they simply higher forms if elementals or something different?
There isn't a huge difference between them; psuedoelementals are merely harder to summon and control, hence why Lantern Bearers exist. If anything, the 'normal' elementals are more impactful on material aspects, whereas psuedoelementals are more compatible with abstract or immaterial ones. For example, a normal elemental couldn't enchant the lantern's light, because light is not exactly something you can touch. I guess a better way to describe it is elementals work best when they're enchanting something with mass; psuedoelementals work better with things that don't.
Are Huggessoa and the Void at all related? (And if so, anything about Vampires and the Void that're worth noting?)

Is there anything we know about the story of Huggessoa and their dabbling that lead to Vampires? Or of Mercala and what occurred that led to Elves?
No relation.

There is very little known about Huggessoa; the off-stage nature of the vampires seems to apply to them as well. Any relation Mercala has to Elves is speculation, as far as I know!
Elial S. Erachial how old is he? What is he like? Was he the one in-charge during the war? Does he have any Heirs? A wife? Is he the absolute ruler other then the Agency if not who else does he listen to? Is he respected or only secretly competent? Anything-else a normal person would know about our mighty and glorious emperor since apparently most people don't even know his name?
He's been the emperor of Sigrogana since its founding, so... pretty old. Yes, he was the ruler during the war. He does not have any children, he does not have a wife. The Agency is not an absoulte ruling power; the opposite, actually. They default to the nation's law. All they do is find out the truth behind things (unless someone within the Agency is corrupt, in which case, there are rumors of a 'death squad'.) His word is law in Sigrogana. I would say respecting him or not depends on the person, but the public opinion on him in general is pretty good... if you're not a criminal. The emperor is very private about his affairs; he very rarely makes public appearances, and is not exactly charismatic.
Does this mean he's alive, or?

On that note, since apparently Mercala has an incarnation..
What gods are alive or otherwise not entirely gone, like Helondis? I thought they all died.
Dunno. Don't think anyone could know.

Glycon is alive, if you believe the legend. There could be a lot of gods alive, in fact, but Heaven's Contention sent them into hiding and they haven't felt an urge to come out of it. It's mostly the dead ones you hear about, because history tends to remember the fighters (because they're more exciting).
Since the greatspear says something about Wyvernriders, what were they like? How did they come to be?
Wyvernriders are riders that ride wyverns. They still exist, in fact, mostly in moutain regions that require scouting from the air.
Why does Huggessoa accept Mercalan-school abilities to be used to heal his followers? Wouldn't he want to step in and go "Hey, this isn't my life you're getting, get that away from you!"?
Why would he care at all?
Do Glykin blood/light magic/Holy enchantments actually kill a vampire, or are they just better at 'killing' them?

Since a vampire 'dying' seems to be a 'reset button' of sorts, what effects does it have exactly?
You already said they'd regain lost limbs, what if they had some sort of disease, or were physically disabled?

What about Void Poisoning?
Would it kill or 'kill' a vampire? Does it 'reset' if they 'die'?
A) They can kill them if the Vampire is weak enough. For Glykin blood, it depends on the amount consumed, though usually vampires are smart enough to not try or notice.

B) When you become a vampire, you don't suffer from normal diseases, and if you were physically disabled, that no longer applies. Mind you, you might still have some issues if your legs are atrophied and such. But things like paralysis do not affect vampires.

C) Void Poison is a special case and vampires cannot avoid it or its effects through 'deaths'. If they suffer from Void Poisoning, they will suffer from it in the same way after reforming. If Void Poisoning gets bad enough, it is likely to cause chain deaths for a vampire, to where they will die, lose power, die again, and then just ash.
Do Mechanations need to "recharge" in any way (besides converting food into Focus)? Or are they just running on an endless magical power supply of some sort?
They typically take in focus from the air. They also process food into it. In extreme cases, a magician may need to pour focus directly into the Mechanation. But pretty much they're always recharging.
So yeah can we hear more about the Lizardmen who made the Graaity Axe?
Well, his name was Graal, and he was a guardian of something. It's hard to say much else beyond that, because he probably lived in a volcano, and most people can't go there.
Does that mean Doriad can? I'd assume not, but who knows. Lore should get an update if I'm right.
Doriad cannot become vampires.
What is the average/min/max heights for each race? Assuming typical body weights for them, not morbidly obese/anorexic.
Depends on race, but probably about the same as humans today.
How many people live in Cellsvich? Dormeho? Tannis? The rest?

About how many small villages (small enough to not appear on the world map) exist in Sigrogana? How well do they adhere to the national laws? Do they have more personalized laws to suit each village?
A) Hard for me to quantify since I haven't really thought about it. Cellsvich = a lot, since it's the capital. Dormeho = medium, since it's a port town. Tannis = small-medium.

B) Lots. They follow them pretty well, since if they didn't, it'd be bad. Some may have some minor local laws but the general rules are the same no matter where you are.
I'm not sure if this was asked before or not, but how are Mechanations healed by potions and Mercala magic? Do they have sort of an 'immune' system that repairs bodily damage over time just like living things? Or is it perhaps that Mercala domain magic is more along the lines of restoring something to it's former state rather than life or healing?
Magic is magic; Mercalan magic heals. It doesn't care if you're made of flesh or not, if you're 'alive'. As for potions... let's not think about that too hard.
Does that mean either one of these happens 100% of the time?

What happens to non-humans then, do they just get eaten or what?

Does the same thing as that happen to Mechanations and Doriads?

If nobody gets out safely, what about vampires?
Would they mist or be dead for good?
A) Not 100%, but the ones who avoid that fate are very rare.
B) Guess so.
C) Probably. Doriads would especially not want to even set foot in there, so.
D) Vampires would probably get misted and float out, but they'd have a hard time distinguishing what was real and what wasn't.
Speaking about vampires dying for good... Does a Holy object dealing a fatal blow to a vampire mean perma-death or not? And if so, if one were to enchant (As a stupid example.) a simple rock with Holy and bash a vampire's head in with it, would that be just as effective at killing it as a Holy sword lopping off its head?
Holy objects just damage vampires more than regular ones. It isn't inherently fatal.
Question about magic in SL2, is it mostly based on Verbal methods such as spell chants, or are there Somatic elements (body movements/hand gestures) involved as well?
It depends. Certain complex spells such as invocations require verbal components, but otherwise it comes down to the caster in question. There are a whole bunch of ways to cast a spell, including saying chants, making motions with your body, evoking them from a book, and so forth. It depends on the magician in question and their compatibility and preference.
How long can vampire blood be stored and still be usable for ritual usage?
Forever, as long as it's sealed.
So, is there a specific explaination as to why the dungeons appear and dissapear as they do? is there some weird event that happens as they form such as portals/caves/doors rising from the ground itself? Do they fade into existance?
And precisely why does every dungeon have a spatial core like that? Do they power the dungeon like some sort of generator running on the living surrounding enemies for power to the dungeon? If so would its destruction ensure that the place would collapse or somthing? Does it work as a hive mind to control the monsters itself? And the core you get as a drop from it, is that the core itself you saw or does it drop those for the party after the bosses defeat?
Ask bluecat for more information. As for the core itself, yes, the core is what powers the BDP, and is why after someone beats it, the dungeon closes much faster.
What types of music exist? Example: Does rock and roll exist, or only older, more medieval stuff?

What separates monsterkind from animals and civilized beings? Are monsters just stronger than animals (Like, Sand Sharks are stronger than normal sharks), or is there some kind of mutation potential (like how there can be a towering goblin, but not a towering human (and when I say towering, I don't mean eight feet, I mean the miniboss size towering : P ))
A) Of course rock and roll exists. What do you think a Dark Bard plays?

B) Monsters are very similar to wild animals, but are often always aggressive towards things they don't recognize. Whereas an animal might just try to avoid you, etc.
"However, as long as they feed enough to keep themselves alive, they refrain from aging, and can live longer than anyone could stick around to count." -Vampire Wiki page.

Does that mean a starving vampire will slowly age?
I was wondering if we could get more lore on the Black Wind that Black Knights invoke to use certain skills.
Is it simply a representation of their tactically-minded calm? Or is it an actual force of its own?

If it's a force, is it a sentient entity? Is it dark and Huggessoan in nature?
The Black Wind is the wind of the Void, so it's quite literal. Being of the Void, it has some unique properties, such as teleportation and such. It's not nearly as dangerous as, say, Voidgates or teleportation, and the heavy armor of the Black Knight often protects them from any negative effects of it. But it is quite literally a black wind.
We still have no definite answer as to how Mechanations work. Really, the big one that I see on a lot of people is that they're treating them like modern-day machines with circuitry and the like. Some use the Llarian Scar as a power source and have the body powered through circuits or etchings or something of the like. Some form of clarification on these would be nice.
The Llarian Scar is the control center; it's the brain and stores the focus they use. Anything else can be foo'd however you want to flavor your Mechanation. Some of the ideas I've seen for them by players so far have been very creative.

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Re: Lore Questions: Archive

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September Thread:
How much is 1 'weight' equal to in pounds? I just wanna know how much my 34 weight grandaxe would legitimately weigh.
Probably about as much into pounds, but usually 'weight' is also tied to how difficult it is to carry.
What the hell powers the Laplace PDAs? Do we have to charge them?
No one knows. Nope.
If a weapon gets negative weight < assuming 1 weight = 1 pound > does it just float off sometimes?
No. If a weapon has negative weight, just assume that it's very light and well balanced.
Can non-Human Races become Umbrals? (The Wiki and their race description says yes in rare cases the previous lore thread said no)
The rules are the same for becoming a Shaitan.
Do headphones exist?
Probably not, since there's nothing for them to plug into.
Serious question time: There's hardly much about Tannis. Was there some kind of war they were in that clearly showed off their superior archery abilities or were they in some kind of Olympic tournament and they took home the gold for Archery for the past however long they existed?
There was the Sigrogana Oniga War, so yes. They made it rather difficult for Oniga.
How's the sky look besides Iahsus? Single sun and single moon, or what? Are any other planets visible?
Yep. Nope.
What forms of transportation exist? There's obviously boats and teleportation.
There are steel birds that some bandits use, if you believe that sort of thing, along with the more classical forms of transportations, like horses, carriages. No cars or trains, though, since long range transportation usually defaults to teleporting.
How advanced can alchemy be, and what kinds of things can be done with enough knowledge?
Bit too generic for me to give an answer, sorry.
Is there any information that could be dug up on Hell?
What's that?
What would happen if a Vampire went into a Dark Zone?
They would probably die. Same with a Lich. Once you get into a Dark Zone, your magical escape powers don't play nice.
Why does Chaturanga have a chess motif?
Because it's always been. Chaturanga prides itself on tactical planning, and chess makes an ideal backdrop to it.
I read the awesome questions from Soles and got inspired. Here are my questions

1.What are the oceans around Sigrogana called?
2.Are there airships in this game?
3.Is there a major black-market for Sigrogana?
4.If yes to the previous question, how rare do you think a lalarian scar would be there?
5.Exactly how many deities/elemental/thingies participated in the heaven's contention(or whatever the divine war was called)?
6.Is slavery legal anywhere in Sigrogana?
7.Would it be possible to turn a person into a mechanation? If so, would they need a Lalarian scar to power their mech parts?
8.What would be the odds of a person surviving in a yokai's dimension?
Dunno. Dunno. Yes. Impossible to get. Dunno. Yes. No. Low for any long period of time.
Do Hyattrs have tails?
They can but usually don't.
Does/did Deterimia exist on SL2? If so, can you give us some lore about him/her?
Maybe, but no one's heard of them if so.
Are Elves (whether removed from Mersales due to improprieties or leaving on their own accord) in the past, or currently, generally willing to make others (see: everyone but Elves) privy to their Elven knowledge, including but not limited to literature, language, methodical systems, etc.?
To a point. Most elves have too much pride to hand over the majority of that knowledge to other races, because they believe it belongs to elves, and it's very important that people know where it comes from.
What is Yenten?

How large can a phylactery be? Sand pebble to cathedral?
Yenten is a type of gambling done with cards.

Too small and what it needs to store won't fit. Too large and what it needs to store will be dilluted and weaken the lich. Best size is about the size of a crystal ball.
Can actual ghosts (as in, poltergeists, not the class) of people exist?
Why do you think the ghostbust-- err Geistritter exist?
Another question from me: in the case that a Zeran's Crown of Heaven is damaged, say by a piece or pieces being broken off or if their Crown of Heaven is truncated near the top (but not near the base), would the horn(s) re-calcify?
They can regenerate over time, yes. Some Zerans might have a condition that makes them unable to, but the majority can.
Lich + Nullstone room... what happens?

Same idea, but with something smaller like restraints.

Would the first question's answer be different depending on if the object they are linked to is with them in the room, vs if the object is somewhere else?
Nothing. All Nullstone does is resist magic very well. It doesn't actively attack it or anything.
Can a forest produce multiple Doriads if so does the first one have to die before the next one is made and in general how similar would Doriads coming from the same forest be if it is possible?
If the forest is large enough. They would probably be similar mentally. Appearance wise, who knows.
How does one become a lich? What are the specifics of the ritual? We've been told that they are VERY SPECIFIC, which means no forcing people to become liches.

What are the consequences for failing the ritual?

Why has the empire let walking, literal, skeletons run around the country now?

Why is the empire letting liches .stab. eachother in Cellsvich for no apparent reason besides laziness to "send their friend home"?
I'm not going to give you an instruction manual, but the ritual details turning your entire body into arcane energy, creating a precise entrapment so it doesn't just diffuse into the air, and then transfering that arcane energy as well as your soul into the pylactery. If all is successful, the arcane energy and soul can separate, and there you go.

You become focus energy and scatter into nothing.

Same reason they let anyone walk around. If they're not causing problems and can speak, they don't care.

They probably aren't and you really shouldn't be asking lore questions around a specific in-game happening because that's just silly and kind of wastes time.
Can mechanations switch bodies? And if so do they keep their memories and the like or do they become a different person?
You can switch everything but the llarian scar, and by that I mean, you can switch parts/etc. You can't put a Mechanation into a human body or anything, but you can replace everything on the Mechanation except the scar. Yes, they would retain memories.
A few questions on Liches:

1. What is Karaten's view on Liches? (And are the Geistritters equipped to deal with them?)
They view them as heretics, because while Karaten believes in furthering technology through magic, there are certain lines that shouldn't crossed. In particular, due to the very high failure rate of the ritual, it is essentially suicide the majority of the time. Losing your life in the pursuit of greater power is not very praiseworthy or intelligent, and so liches are not allowed to be peers in Karaten.

What that means is they are not allowed into mage circles or organizations. One of your mage colleagues will never be a lich, because they are forbidden, probably to discourage young mages from finding the idea appealing. They can still enter Karaten, like most anyone else, but they are very much shunned there.
2. Is there anything that the Lich can't use as their form? (AKA cannot enchant to withstand their energy)
Usually the core of the form is what's important. Robes and such can be enchanted to be resistant to magic and thus won't always burn up, but what you actually 'stick' your arcane energy to is a little trickier. The reason a lot of liches use a 'skeleton' form is because it is very easy for them, as the lich's body was similar before they performed the ritual.

You also want something that doesn't adjust its proportions or shape much, which is why hard materials are best. Things like water, air, materials that are too flexible or flimsy, like paper or cloth, require too much focus (mental focus, not focus the energy) to stay 'stuck' on.

The burn something gets from being the center of your arcane energy is a lot more intense than something on the outside, too, so even if heavily enchanted, some materials just won't work at all if they're extremely vulnerable to heat, which is why the above materials and things like flesh or hair simply do not play nice with you.

That said, heat transfer isn't much of an issue, so materials like metals can be used without setting fire to everything you touch or walk on. Actual bones are okay too.

Anything that doesn't qualify to one of the above works, though (probably).

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Re: Lore Questions: Archive

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October Thread:
Right so I guess I wasn't very clear with part of my Doraid question.

If a Doriad dies does the forest pop out another one? And would that one be at all similar to the previous one if the forest's treatment didn't change that much? Or even regardless?
Probably not for a long, long time.
You mentioned before that slavery was legal one place. Where or what is this place?
Law's End.
Are there any ways to get rid of a Lich other than finding their secret lair or dropping them into a Dark Zone?

Is there any real way of locating a Lich's phylactery, or people in general really, possibly using magic or something?

And to go with those two questions, what would the empire/whatever authority do should there be a Lich causing trouble?

What races can't become a Lich? Mechanation obviously, and I think the rest can but I'm not entirely sure about Doriad.

Is alchemy mostly used in science-y ways (healing potions) or can it be used in a more witch-y manner (spells and curses)?
If by 'get rid of', you mean 'kill', no.

There are divination-type spells, but they require rituals and objects related to the target, and aren't at all practical. Sort of a hot/cold type of deal. Liches often enchant their phylactery against detection anyway.

Currently, only Mechanations can't become Liches.

Spells and curses occupy a different 'school' than alchemy and is more akin to enchanting.
Who stuffs the treasure ball machines in Cellsvich?

Why exactly are there porno magazines in said treasure balls, alongside rather useless sticks.

"A special, blue feather said to fall from Alga the Uncaged." is the description of the Alga Plumes. Who is/was Alga the Uncaged?

"A solid piece of the void itself." is the description of Void Shards, is this literal. If so, do they leak void radiation?

With the Verglas discipiles, are these the only 3 disciplines? Do most Verglas specialize in one, or do they like to mix the styles for the best results?

They're gentleman's literature, please refrain from making baseless accusations or judging the worth of sticks.

A bird god who really didn't like being kept in one place for very long.

No, it's not literal. No, they don't leak any radiation.

There are a variety of disciplines, but the three listed are the most practical and common.
What did you mean that Umbral transformation was just like a Shaitan? I suppose it would just be easier if you answered 'Umbrals can only be humans due to this/Umbrals can be from other races due to this'.
It means that Umbrals can only originally be humans or certain animals/monsters.
Is the Mercalan-domain spell Rescue anywhere akin to the Void? I honestly doubt it since it's Mercalan-domain and seems to use Mercalan-domain energies, so if it is then that sort of defeats the purpose. But anyway, it'd be nice to know what kind of actual, lore-wise (and technical-wise) teleportation function it has, since it's risen some querent arousal.
I answered this in-game, but there's no teleportation involved in it. It's like a really fast (faster than the eye) pull that can't be stopped.
Is the Lich Ritual a brand new thing? If so, who came up with it?

If not, are there any note worthy liches in recorded history?

What if a Lich were to put their phylactery somewhere in the god damn VOID?

Can the "area around a phylactery" be enchanted to provide it with masking/protection?

"Unbreakable means UNBREAKABLE unless you use magic to counter it." Is it possible for mages/Liches to place enchantments upon their Phylacteries? I'd assume no since Phylacteries are already enchanted to hell and back being able to hold the soul of someone. But you never know.
No. The first lich did.

Not publically.

They'd die.


Yes, and I state this in the racial description for the race, like a lot of things.
'There are three kinds of undeath in the world of Sigrogana. The first is Cladis Mortem Null, which are mindless undead such as zombies. The second is Cladis Mortem, which are sentient undead such as liches. The third is unliving, which are creatures that are not mortal but do not possess Cladis Mortem such as Vampires.'

Are Lich's actually undead as stated here and if so, do Church Knights hunt them down like they sometimes do with Vampires or what?
Liches as in the race are not undead. The example listed there was to give the impression more along the classical lich; an undead that is fully aware of their actions.
Can Laplace PDAs take pictures?

Do Camera Hats print out actual pictures or do they need to be extracted somehow?

If Yes to the previous question, can they be synced with Laplace PDAs to view the photos?
Not for you.

They need to be developed.

Discussion has lead to an odd question. It's been brought up that Doriad's do not reproduce, but does this mean they don't even have the appropriate organs? What happens when they need to pee

Now I feel awkward for that question. *goes off to munch a cookie*
They have the appropriate organs.
I've been meaning to ask. Since Air doesn't let you into Cellsvich without a pass, how is security handled with the other access routes than gates? That being, mages guild, the use of magic to get through or above, or around the wall. . . (Blink, void portals, etc.)
You can enter the city through the mage guild portals, but if you want to use the gates freely, you need passage papers. Aside from that, only an idiot would use blink/void teleports to get in and out of the city, because each time you use them, you're risking accelerating void poisoning. If you get caught doing so, they'd probably ask to see your papers, and if you didn't have them, you would be detained, questioned, and forced to get passage papers.

And of course, running from the Sigrogana guard is a good way to make yourself jump to the top of the wanted list, so I don't recommend it.
Are Liches affected by any of Iahsus' oscillating modes? Can they be?
They're not corrupted, so no.
Do potions that spontaneously swap whatever set of genitalia you have or change your age exist?

Do some form of homunculi exist? The kind you would place a soul into, for example.

Do creatures such as doriads and liches have their own language?

Are Papilions a "humans only" corrupted race?

I specifically ask people not to ask this type of question in the OP.


Also, how big are actual wyverns?

They've also been stated to be able to go into human form, do relationships between wyvern-riders and their wyverns actually occur? (WT lore.)
About three times the size of your average horse.

Probably. I doubt it'd be anything long term though.
Are most spells Somatic or Vocal?
Most spells are both.
What is involved in the trials to become a Church Knight?
First you have to prove yourself loyal to the faith over a long period of time (usually childhood/adolescence) and have significant combat abilities, which are also tested. This obviously requires the right mix of personality and power, and they hold themselves to a high standard, so not just anyone can become one.
Are the 'Ghosts' an actually known title? (The class)

Are they known far across the worlds?

If so, are they known for their dark ways of fighting?

Does any faction exist that utilize these people or desire their membership?



Are Power Suits a thing? I know they were in SL1, and the icons for them are in the mirror menu on SL2, so would it be possible to have beefy mechanized armor that someone of a high strength could use and control?

When entering Whirlpool dungeons, are you being sucked down into an underground ankle-high watery cavern, or into some sort of pseudo-water land where you can actually breathe the water? Or anything different?

Are there any common naming traits of the different races? Long vowels for this race, short names for that one, etc?

The former.

No, that's more region specific rather than racial. Though there are some exceptions like Doriads, which I've always thought should have names related to plants in some fashion, even if it's just scientific names being played around with. But that's not a rule or anything.

How is every race's name actually pronounced? I personally thought it was obvious, but my best friend IRL also plays VERY casually (He has one character past level 20) and we got into a discussion where we kept going "Wait, what?" For example, I thought "Shaitan" had a short ai, like in "Thailand" where he thought he had a long ai like in Rainbow, the end results being like Shy-tan vs Shay-tan. We had a few other confused moments, like with Zeran (I thought it was like Zair-en, like in stairs, while he pronounced it like Zuh-ren, with almost no emphasis on the first syllable.)

So I figured, I'd ask for the actual canonical pronounciations.

EDIT: Question 2: What about Iahsus influences the corrupted? Could such a connection be diminished or severed?
I'm not going to type every races' here, since most of them are fairly obvious, but for your specific questions, Shaitan is Shy-tan, Zeran is Zair An.

It's not especially strong usually. It's like being irritated by bright sunlight or allergies or whatever. No, you can't sever it.
How genetically similar are all the races that have been influenced/changed by a God/Deity? Considering the Lore, and considering how once nearly everyone inhabiting the planet was human, can it be assumed they're similar genetics-wise?
Considering most of them resemble humans and can have children with them, yes, this is an assumption we can make.
What are some of the animals native to each of the continents?
Standard fare for most places. Birds and grazing beasts for Sigrogana/Kysei. Desert lizards, camels, that sort on Gold. Egwyn has animals like big cats and such; the kind you'd expect to see in a rain forest. Alstalsia is more... unique. There are birds and beasts and reptiles, but most of them are rather monstrous compared to every else (think harpies, cockatrice, worgs, etc.), probably because of what happened there.
What is keeping monsters from leaving the dungeons on their own? Or do they leave it?
Social anxiety. Or maybe they can't leave it.
I asked a question before about how people get pictures and things for memoires. The previous answer was that cameras aren't a convenience and you'd have to go to a painter for that sort of thing, but..

Now that the camera hat exists, does that mean cameras do too now; or only the camera hat is one; or they just shouldn't be RPd as an actual thing? I'm asking because I still want to know if in the lore that photography isn't a convenience or how that works with the existence of that item.
Cameras have always existed, but they aren't a convenience. And just because you have a camera doesn't mean you have film. A painting is much more preferred by most people because it lasts a long time and can be as big as you need it to be.