Lore Questions: January (2016)

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Re: Lore Questions: January (2016)

Post by Soapy » Mon Feb 01, 2016 10:31 am

One of the reasons why Wyverns and Wyverntouched are considered good omens is that they possess the unique ability to absorb poison through touch.
Can they absorb alcohol? What about other recreational drugs, like landlaugher?

What's the Mercalan Church's view on Mechanations? Are they seen as just another form of life and whatnot? What about Doriad?

Have any meat substitutes been invented?
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Re: Lore Questions: January (2016)

Post by Sawrock » Wed Feb 03, 2016 6:59 am

Where is gambling legal and illegal?

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Re: Lore Questions: January (2016)

Post by Shujin » Sun Feb 07, 2016 11:36 pm

In how far do Non-humanoid Mechnations exist? Do those exist even?
In how far are player Mechanations limited, if they do?

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Re: Lore Questions: January (2016)

Post by Neus » Tue Feb 09, 2016 9:46 am

Spoops » Tue Jan 12, 2016 9:29 pm wrote:A few questions.

-Would an elf have a general idea of where Mersales was, from when they had left?

-What would be the closest inhabited continent to Mersales?

-Do elves have any general views on vampires?

EDIT: -Do elves from Mersales have their own language? or did they somehow speak common in Mersales?

One more that I'll throw out, but don't expect much of.

-Can we understand just what makes them seemingly ageless yet?
-Can elves have a 25% will and 10% FAI growth yet?
1) Probably not, it's not like elves have a good sense of direction when they live in Mersales for their entire life. Plus there's that rumor that Mersales moves around, so...
2) Who knows? Probably Sigrogana, since it's the largest continent.
3) Elves don't have any special views on vampires, since like every other non-elf race, they're not present in Mersales. Elves that leave Mersales may have an opinion, of course, but it's not unusual for them to not know what one is until leaving Mersales.
4) If they're like the other mortal races, it's probably an aspect of their patron deity. Assuming that the elves have one. They may just have always been that way.
aquadragon97 » Thu Jan 14, 2016 1:44 pm wrote:How did Black Knights learn to utilize the Black Wind?

Why doesn't it give them Void Poisoning?
1) The Black Wind isn't a phenomenon or anything, it's more like a martial art move in the sense that it was developed. It's almost certainly a form of magic but can be utilized by those without any talent for it, perhaps due to the effective training methods that Chaturanga has established, and partially because the effect it has is so brief and minimal.
2) It can give them Void Poisoning but the chance is so minor that it pretty much never does. The heavy armor that Black Knights typically fight in protect them from the very small amount of exposure they receive for teleporting short distances. Comparatively, things like Void Gates that the Void Assassin utilizes are much less stable, are capable of going much further distances, and so on.
Trexmaster » Sat Jan 16, 2016 11:00 pm wrote:More worm questions.

Where do Pale Lauders come from? They're often found in monsters (and arena combatants for some reason) so, they must get there -somehow-. Unless Tarson wills Pale Lauders into his combatants.

How do Pale Lauders reproduce?

Pale Lauders react explosively when exposed to extreme heat. Why? (also how do they survive being in a Fireblood when it's literally made of fire even though the first question might answer this)

Multiple Pale Lauders seem able to be in one host at a time (even though mechanics dont support this), would this eventually prove fatal if left untreated (assuming other factors like infection didn't kill them first).

What is the lifespan of a Pale Lauder?
1) They're a naturally occurring parasite. If they're spawning from arena combatants, that's a bug, so I'll fix it.
2) Fission. Once they've consumed enough focus, they'll chew a cavity in the host and split apart.
3) Unknown, some part of their physiology makes them adverse to high temperatures and causes them to explode when exposed to flames or high heat. They shouldn't be spawning in Fireblood enemies, same for Liches, Mechanations, and Dullahans. Are they? It's a bug if so.
4) Pale Lauders only really pose a threat if they explode inside of the host which is rather difficult to do. The secondary factors of a Pale Lauder infestation are much more dangerous.
Clockworkers Doll » Sun Jan 17, 2016 8:37 am wrote:-Are there any forms of magic that aren't used for combat? Stuff like levitation and telekinesis, I mean.
-Do all Wyverntouches have their scales in the same place, or can one person have them on their arms and legs and one person having them solely on their back?
1) Yes. I'd say that a majority of magic was produced for the sake of convenience, of which non-combat roles are numerous.
2) They differ from wyverntouched to wyverntouched. Same with Glykin. Some spots are more common than others, but that's it. Though, strictly speaking, Wyverntouched don't always have scales. They can but it's more likely to see one with just the serpentine eyes.
Felkesste » Mon Jan 18, 2016 11:54 am wrote:Hiya, I'm that person that kept asking about the economic situation for Oniga, from way back before that attack on Cellsvich. I recently returned to see how the game's doing, and tried to read through some of the lore and such on the wiki to see how much, if anything, had changed, and I noticed that on Oniga's page, it now said that- because trade is such a vital part of Oniga's continued survival now, and to likely to side-step considerable amounts of debt, and noble families going under, they traded in weapons, and soldiers.

So my questions are as follows,
- With the young going off to fight, and die on foreign soil, are Oniga's businesses now pretty much exclusively run by the old, and incapable, who couldn't be drafted for war, Mulan-style? Are silent, and mournful old men and women doing the jobs that their children and grandchildren once did, but now can't? Do they give foreigners a harsh, suffocating glare, because they wish they could refuse their business, blaming them unjustly for the deaths of their younger family members? Are foreigners confused by these silent, harsh stares that follow them through the streets?
- Is Oniga's situation more desperate than ever, with a growing population of angry old veterans out-living their young, a flagging, exhausted military, and a dwindling armory, preventing them from not only planning raids on other realms for food, and supplies, but also the ultimate desperation move of invading, conquering, and settling in a foreign country?
- Lastly, would it be fair to say that, no matter the quality of the food, most of Oniga is left unhappy about consuming any of it, possibly even starting up a new phrase, or saying; "Food paid for in your family's blood is tasteless.", or something about spending lives, for meals? This question prolly has the most to do with small-time, Onigan RP, whether or not it's acceptable to be ungrateful for the food the Tennou is providing through these exchanges.

I'm not trying to start any drama, or anything- I just think a rebellion in Oniga would be awesome, as an event.

1) Not exclusively, but you will often find women and the elderly working, since in Onigan culture they are less suitable for combat. (Mind you, there are still a good number of female fighters, and I shouldn't have to mention Kinu being a walking rejection of that bias, but it does exist.) Some young people just aren't made or interested in the danger of combat and seek out other occupations, or try their luck in other countries.
1B) Not really, if anything Oniga's situation has humbled them and made them more welcoming of foreigners, because they know if it weren't for them, they would be twisting in the wind. Not to say that no one in Oniga is capable of xenophobia, but you get those in every society.
2) It's certainly not going to get any better but it's not yet at the point where Oniga would have to invade another country to survive, and the rumor of the Onigan royalty working on a way to restore Gold keeps the populace hopeful and peaceful. Most of the Onigans who have a taste for combat and blood find plenty of work as sellswords.
3) Most of them are probably happy to have something to eat, I would think. The idea of it being paid for via sellswords and battle is not shameful in Oniga, given the history of the nation it's seen as an honorable profession.

And not to rain on the parade there but Oniga is unlikely to see another revolution anytime soon; they had one a decade ago and it was because the war they started looked like it was going to end with the entire continent covered in sand. Now most people are content to have survived that hell and just want to live their lives.
Felkesste » Tue Jan 19, 2016 2:50 pm wrote:I'm probably well over the allotted amount of acceptable questions, but I'm pretty excited about the political and economical drama surrounding Oniga, and have some additional questions, if that's okay.

- Given how it's political power is probably non-existent after it's failed war, and it's economy went down the tubes, what happens when the military power is completely sapped from their 'rent-an-army', and armory bargain sales methods of supplying the people with food and water? Eventually their soldiers will be too few, or too battered to even try presenting them as a decent fighting force- and though they were once a war-mongering country, I feel like their weapon-stores would be getting hit pretty hard by so many consistent exchanges of food, for weapons. With Oniga powerless, and friendless, will another country step forward to march right into the city, and claim it as their country's property? Will the empire 'politely' conquer it, by sending it's own soldiers to 'keep the peace on behalf of the Tennou', effectively making the emperor the real ruler of Oniga? Or has someone else been eyeing Oniga patiently- like are the Black Knights of Chaturanga interested in incorporating kensei skills, and Onigan tactics into their ranks, and are willing to pillage what's left of Oniga for that? Or is no one even remotely interested in the pretty, cultural economic sink-hole that is Oniga, and everyone's just going to watch it die in poetic silence, for it's old war-crimes? Are there any rumors floating around Oniga, any gossip, about any other countries, or political powers coming to 'save the people', through a hostile take-over, bringing food along with them?

- Did the emperor brush off the assassination attempt, and open trade, solely with the intention of defanging Oniga's flagging military even further, by asking for soldiers, and weapons from it? Was that his actual intention all along- sending their troops to die in black beast attacks, and bandit raids, while stock-piling all their weapons up for his own military's use, to make absolutely sure Oniga was no longer a threat to anyone, ever again? Or did he just genuinely believe it wasn't Oniga, and think 'well, they have these weapons, might as well suggest they trade in those for food'?

1) Seems unlikely, despite there not being a whole lot of conflict between the nations, Onigan sellswords see a lot of business that sends them away for longer periods of time. Being out in the world provides less burden for Onigan supplies, and so on. Despite the state of the land Gold is not a completely wasteland and has resources such as ore, which they make weapons with.
1B) The Emperor's friendship with Tennou Myoga was very well known, and Elias and Tennou Ang seem to have a good relationship for that reason. It seems very unlikely the empire would conquer Oniga in any sense while Myoga's immediate offspring are in control. And, well, Oniga is so reliant on the empire for aid that it's not like they could resist any demands the empire made, so why bother shedding blood over it? Chaturanga likewise is very unlikely to do anything because the entire rapport Kysei has with other countries is that they are completely neutral politically. If they tried to take over a weakened country that would break a lot of trust they have built up with the nations; they want to remain predictable and honorable, and randomly attacking the weak go against both of those.
1C) Paranoia is everywhere.

2) I'm assuming you're talking about the recent assassination attempt. The emperor never thought it was Oniga in the first place and he hired Sadie Feran to investigate and confirm that much. Honestly, there's no need for him to do any political posturing either; if he wanted to, he could very easily crush Oniga in any way he wanted. But Elias isn't exactly normal, he has a good-neutral relationship with Myoga's children, and he always has his eyes in the skies, so he's probably less focused on what happens here on the ground (even though that is pretty bad for an emperor, he has some good help covering his back there.)
owarinohebi » Thu Jan 21, 2016 11:49 pm wrote:A few dumb questions that I came up with here:

- Is it possible to draw on focus or something and summon a weapon (similar to summoning a Youkai, being that it actually takes focus to keep the object manefested as well as actually use it if it has magical properties etc etc?)

- Do any of the Kaelensia share any quirks to that of their animal counterparts? (I know there was a question about Felidae purring that was confirmed, but I'm curious about the other races, like if Corbies can caw, Lupine can howl/snarl/whine etc etc? )

- Can Vampires use large clothing in order to not be affected by the sun (like a large hat providing shade to them, and covering their bodies with a cloak?)

- How do teleport traps work?

- Do Vampires actually produce blood of their own, or do they simply convert whatever blood they drink into their own, since they're undead and all bodily functions have pretty much ceased?
1) There are things such as magical weapons created in this manner; there's a type of magician called Artificers which have that as one of their specialties. But it's rather difficult to do compared to just having a weapon so they aren't particularly popular.
2) They can, I don't think a Corbie would 'caw' though, they don't have the physiology for that. Your imagination is the limit, though.
3) Things like large clothing or umbrellas help but nothing completely negates the effect the sun has on them.
4) You step on them and they teleport you around. Nothing much to think about, BDPs aren't exactly bound by normal physics or laws.
5) Vampires produce blood, yes, but it's not the same kind of blood that mortals have. They drink blood because it's the only efficient way for them to absorb focus, which is necessary for all life. Vampires still breathe and such, but they don't have to go to the bathroom, for example, unless they eat or drink something besides blood.
Soapy » Mon Feb 01, 2016 10:31 am wrote:
One of the reasons why Wyverns and Wyverntouched are considered good omens is that they possess the unique ability to absorb poison through touch.
Can they absorb alcohol? What about other recreational drugs, like landlaugher?

What's the Mercalan Church's view on Mechanations? Are they seen as just another form of life and whatnot? What about Doriad?

Have any meat substitutes been invented?
1) They can. Effects may be reduced, though, unless taken in large quantities.
2) Mercala celebrates all forms of life that aren't unlife. I would say she has a soft spot for Doriad in particular, for some reason.
3) Like tofu or what, specifically? Tofu certainly exists.
Sawrock » Wed Feb 03, 2016 6:59 am wrote:Where is gambling legal and illegal?
Most establishments don't allow gambling because it is often connected to illegal trade or violence. This includes the empire, Gold, Alstalsia, and such. Egwyn is excluded because they hardly have a cohesive society or laws beyond common courtesy. I doubt anyone would care if you're betting pennies on a card game in a bar, but otherwise, it's best if the law doesn't know.
Shujin » Sun Feb 07, 2016 11:36 pm wrote:In how far do Non-humanoid Mechnations exist? Do those exist even?
In how far are player Mechanations limited, if they do?
1) They don't. Mechanations require a humanoid form to function because they are recognizing themselves as a person with emotions, and such.
2) They are limited to what the description of Mechanations details.