Lore Questions: May (2016)

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Re: Lore Questions: May (2016)

Post by Neus » Thu Jun 09, 2016 12:39 pm

Raigen.Convict wrote:Annother question, Focus is a thing, we all know, but can it be found in body fluids besides blood?

Is it possible to seperate focus from blood as a pure liquid form?

And if all this is true... When a vampire drinks from you, wouldn't that also be a way to restore their own focus then?
1) No.
2) It's possible to migrate focus from one container to another, but focus itself isn't a liquid. It would have to be contained within another liquid, such as with Blue Potions.
3) This is why they feed, yes, because they don't generate it naturally. Any contradictions found in game-mechanics are for purposes of convenience/balance.

Skimmy2 wrote:Do we know the existence of bacteria/microscopic life?

And how would Mercana affect them?
1) To some degree.
2) Not much, if at all, but it depends.

Snake wrote:Dragon Snek questions:
1- What exactly happens when poison is running on a Wyvern-Touched's blood? Physical or Spiritual 'buffs'?
(As in, the strength they get is 'virtual' [as in, a weak Goku powering up, and then punching a boulder without effort while 'charged'.] or their muscles are forced to overclock [as in, they expand like Super Vegeta/Super Trunks for a limited time]?
1) It's a physical reaction that also causes an adrenaline rush.

Soapy wrote:So we know Huggessoa (and apparently Zera?) can somehow banish a God back to the Void.

We also know Huggessoa can apparently see into the Akashic Record.

My question is, since we supposedly know so very little about ol' Huggy, how much of this (if any) is actually attainable IC knowledge?

The Akashic Record supposedly records the future (along with everything else, of course). Oracles can glimpse into the future. Am I wrong to assume these two things are somehow related, or at least an existing theory?

Liches are said to be close to the Akashic Record, but "far from being able to so cleanly read the lines of Fate". What does this grant them, exactly, if anything? Can kind-of-sort-of-not-really see events, or what?

Do Liches have any sort of patron deity, or at least some sort of maybe-divine-maybe-not inspiration? If not, does that mean the wee mortals created the ritual all by themselves?

I get the feeling this was asked before, but I don't see it anywhere. How long has Lichdom been a thing?

Does Record Erasure actually mean anything ICly? Given that the enemies that use it (almost) all have a God's power, as far as I know...

You know, no one's sure. I think everyone assumes they're just a bunch of twins and is too afraid to ask. I know I would rather not offend the person who owns my house and all my banked belongings with a pointless question.
Someone at some point has to ask. What response/reaction would they get, if any?

On that note, what is/are the Winged Guardian(s), and are they all the same entity or no?
1) Anything I answer here, unless otherwise stated, can be gleaned IC, albeit with varying degrees of certainty due to the age of it. Which is to say, some of it is legend passed down by word of mouth.
2) You are not wrong, no.
3) Liches are closer to the essence of the Akashic Record and the body of a Lich is somewhat necessary to interact with it, according to several sciences of magic studying it. Accessing the Akashic Record is said to be a destructive process that can even melt your body, which is no big deal for them. However, a lot of the appeal of Lichdom is just the power that comes with it. For the ones that do it with the Akashic Record in mind, it's just a preparation.
4) Liches don't have any sort of patron deity, no. The ritual itself is performed solely through the power of man, so in a sense, yes. Various forms of undeath are attributed to Huggessoa but there's no evidence that he's response for anything but vampires.
5) No one knows for sure but at least two hundred years.
6) Record Erasure definitely means something ICly, yes. One of the issues/fears surrounding the Akashic Record is that everything inside of it is pre-determined and cannot be influenced. Record Erasure somewhat hints at beings with wildcard powers that the Akashic Record itself can't predict. Although, since we don't understand or can study the Akashic Record, and because Record Erasure itself has no tangible quality IC (beyond personality, I guess) you can't really make that connection.
7) If asked if she's the same Matsuri from X branch, she'd say 'yes', most likely. But wouldn't do anything but smile if pressed for details.
8) The Winged Guardian you fight for the Phoenix Band is the real one. The Shadow Guardians are all pretenders. As to what it is, that will probably be elaborated on in the story update(s) following the Great Reckoning, since I would like to get back to that.

Trexmaster wrote:How are the Snakemen even still around? The Empire knows where they are, and they can only reproduce with slaves. What's keeping the Empire or just some other third party from wiping them out?

If a Llarian scar can't be removed (indefinitely) without damage, then (as asked before) how long can it last being seperated from a body?

How long does it last after being taken from the living trees in Mechana Forest?

Do the people that take them out have any methods of prolonging how long they can last while they do this (and if so, is this at all knowledge that is obtainable)? Or, better yet -are- there any methods to prolong the time a Scar can be without a body?
1) The caverns are large and partially underwater, with lots of smaller, dark and deep tunnels that the snakemen also hide in. Trying to wipe them out, especially considering their fighting ability, is not only difficult, but it's dangerous, and most entities, the empire included, consider them not worth the effort when the overwhelming majority of them stay in their cave deep underground.
2) About a week. It can last longer but you are looking at 'psychological' damage and eventually the scar dying.
3) See above. Mages who create mechanations usually prepare ahead of time for this reason.
4) Freezing it can help but you have to be careful, since freezing or thawing it too quickly can cause damage. Also, keeping it frozen for too long (multiple years) will likely kill it. As to how you might accomplish that, ice mages can do it, but you might need a special chamber or some grunt apprentices to help keep it iced for long periods of time.

Ardratz wrote:Wyvern Questions:

What are the limitations of a Wyvern's ability to shapeshift into a human, do they have one human form they can shift into or can they shift into any appearance they want?

And since you mentioned it before about us not knowing I have to ask, how long can they stay in a humanoid state, is there any limit on that as well?
1) The general theory is that they have a predetermined human appearance, yes.
2) It's said they usually only do so during the winter, but since wyverns still exist in the winter, it seems the ones that can transform are special. Wyverns do poorly in cold environments, incidentally.

Spoops wrote:Looooore questions about the elements, and the mechanics surrounding them being incorporated into characters..and being how the new stat system will encourage elemental builds, It might help to know the reasoning as to why some of these elements actually oppose one another, as I love the explaination of Earth vs Wind, it helps create interesting scenarios between illusionists and geomancers.

As such, what are each elements associated with the most? We know illusions are tied to wind, and earth to 'truth' or rather, 'telling no lies.'

Why are Redgull enchantments vulnerable to fire? Is this because Lightning magic is most associated with nature? If that's true, aren't Lightning and Fire even closer than anything else? I'd like to know the reasoning behind this.

Why are Nerhaven enchantments opposed by ice? Shouldn't this be the other way around? Surely Fire must hurt ice more than Ice would hurt fire..

And for that matter, why are Kraken enchantments opposed by Wind? Wind doesn't seem like the element to destroy Ice.

And why are Galren enchants vulnerable to water? We already know that water is the element most associated with anything pure, how does this stop earth?

Edit: This one is unrelated by I wanted to ask this, since sanctity ends up decreasing how effective corruption is, does this mean that corrupted can be even closer to humans like this if they have high sanctity? Can Corruption ever be cured with that method?

Bonus: If none of these make sense, should I create a thread elsewhere about this another time?
1) Fire is tied to power and chaos, while ice is more about order. Light and Dark are seen as divine elements, but Mercala is usually associated with all things light, and dark is appropriately much more difficult to understand.
2) It's pretty much that fire is rather destructive to nature, yes.
3) Cold calms fire.
4) Deception distorts order.
5) Turns into mud, dilutes it, take your pick.
6) Yes, that was the intent. SAN directly correlates with how close you are to 'humanity' as corrupted. Corruption can never be cured but SAN lessens its effects.

Someone wrote:I know it's June but there isn't a new thread yet so...

A topic that came up in OOC recently:

Is there any type of In-Character warning system for Black Beast attacks? IE... Will LaplaceNET send a notification? Do NPCs tell you about it? Etc.
1) I could see that information making its way onto laplaceNET, yes. A slower method would be a messenger from the place under attack running to Cellsvich and asking for help.

Raigen.Convict wrote:Do we have sports? Any kind? That aren't gladiatorial?