Dull Anchor

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Dull Anchor

Post by Spoops » Thu May 17, 2018 5:24 pm


Like the swordfish sword thread from before, its a little bit specific but its largely bothered me for a little while.

Anchor edge is kind of lacking in the scaling department, boasting a hugely mixed scaling that hampers it more than it benefits it, pictured here is an anchor edge wielded by a character with roughly scaled 50 STR and 50 VIT, 20 FAI, and is 2handed, and yet it hits SWA numbers that are insanely low for a weapon of its caliber.

For a boss 10* like this, and for the mixed scaling it holds, maybe I could see it having its scaling bumped up a bit, either to 70% STR or 50% VIT, leading to 110% total (Where in the faith scaling is very minimal), is that possible?

Its also insanely heavy so you wouldn't have to worry about 50% VIT scaling being an issue I think.