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Show Mercy

Post by Snake » Thu Dec 20, 2018 12:28 pm

Aside the trait not really working, I'd like to suggest some ways to make it more immersive/reliable to be used in PvE.

Show Mercy should probably be revamped to work like this:

- It grants a buff that lasts for 2 rounds to the enemy. The buff allows enemy Players to use 'End Combat' in Serious, and monsters to have a (Mercy LV + 1 per 1% missing HP)% chance to give up fighting at the beginning of the next round, and flee from combat during the status effect phase, otherwise it will fail.

- The Mercy LV is increased by Character Level/2 + Scaled WIL - 10.

- If the monster is suffering from Fear/Hesitation/Charm/Confusion, the Mercy LV should be doubled before being applied on them.

- If the Show Mercy fails to sway a monster NPC, the monster will become frenzied. That should remove their Fear/Hesitation/Charm/Confusion, grant them Charge LV6, inflict Hunted (LV = Monster Level) on the causer, and also inflict 'Focus' status effect on the causer, so they can rush down at the one who 'provoked' them. The duration should probably be 2 rounds.

- Bosses should be immune to this.
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