Plus Ultra!! [Boxer Changes]

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Joseph Jostar
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Re: Plus Ultra!! [Boxer Changes]

Post by Joseph Jostar » Thu Dec 27, 2018 9:41 pm

To be fair, yeah, the hit/crit might be a little overkill now that afterimage got removed, but I'd rather see new things added before taking existing stuff away. If the proposed Scharfe change was just a new skill instead we could see how that plays out and tone down the current Scharfe as necessary. as neccessary.

But yeah, Boxer geist shenanigans absolutely need cooling down. It'd also be REALLY NICE to adjust what category they appraise each skill as, as they currently don't focus as described at all and skill geist's current function makes it deny an UTTERLY HUGE range of skill. I'm definitely for toning back the range and sp requirement on Nachebeben, it's fantastic AoE even in a smaller radius.

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Re: Plus Ultra!! [Boxer Changes]

Post by Spoops » Fri Dec 28, 2018 3:54 am

The hit and crit is situational and doesn't allow for special attacks to be used otherwise you lose your sturm, it also directly contributes to Boxer because you do need hit to get past Evasion, one strong build I've featured is that you can build to get past evasion to artificially increase your damage.

Not every skill needs to cater to everyone mind, the vast majority of Boxer would be better off with slight SWA increases (10-15% globally following Geist Schritt's nerf) than an up to 40% damage buff you throw on and forget.

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