General Opinion Survey: Weapon Variety

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How do you feel about weapon variety? What changes would be positive changes to you?

Weapon types (Sword, Axe, Spear, etc.) are quite varied and feel fine.
Weapon types (Sword, Axe, Spear, etc.) feel too similar and this should be different.
... also, the game would benefit from a system similar to a weapon triangle, where they gain bonuses or penalties when attacking a certain weapon type.
... also, the game would benefit if certain enemies were strong against some weapon types and weak versus others.
... also, the weapon types would feel more varied if they had more skills associated with them.
Total votes: 134

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Re: General Opinion Survey: Weapon Variety

Post by shizuo » Sat Apr 11, 2015 12:45 pm

That would be great making new weapon and new concepts it will make the game better and by the way it would be better if the skills are so showy.

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Re: General Opinion Survey: Weapon Variety

Post by 111none » Sun Apr 12, 2015 9:53 am

I feel like voting none in my thoughts.

Although that a weapons triangle would be great, how would guns, tomes, and the such be implemented?

On top of that, I think that the weapons' drops for a rare weapon are quite rare. I think, that if the chance of getting a rarer weapon over time after your last rare weapon should be a mean time to happen or something, not just completely random. (That's what I'm seeing, apologizes if I misunderstand)

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Re: General Opinion Survey: Weapon Variety

Post by Trexmaster » Mon Apr 27, 2015 9:57 pm

Just gonna bump this and add in comments to the points people already made--cause, while some of these issues have been addressed, this is still a problem.

My comments are in bold.
Jay » Tue Feb 03, 2015 5:12 am wrote:I honestly couldn't choose any particular choice for my vote.

Here are some issues and/or suggestions that have been around for awhile. If they aren't relevant, ignore them.
1) Daggers are not craftable. I don't understand the reasoning, but this addition alone adds in more 'weapon variety'. This was changed, thankfully.
2) More custom weapon parts. Certain weapon types don't even have their fair share of attributes. I was surprised to find out I couldn't decrease the weight of a fist weapon. Another glaring example includes daggers lacking a guard slot, but no compensation like exclusive parts. Overall, just more additions, especially to compensate for two-slot weapons. Hopefully this gets addressed, as, despite the bonuses fist and dagger weapons enjoy compared to other weapons (see: ignoring stalemate), lacking the same customization options doesn't seem right.
3) It looks like some classes are a WIP in the weapon-skill category. Soldier would be a glaring example of incompletion.
4) As for the magic classes. An alternate weapon type should fall under the staves. I believe these 'polearms' should be the driving force of Lantern Bearers and Curates, not tomes. The lantern accessories are outdated and useless. I'd figure those things could be entirely revamped to elemental staves (lanterns). There would be synergy with spear skills, namely the ones that Lantern Bearers currently have. Of course down the line, newer classes can make use of the 'staff' weapon type. Lantern bearers actually using a spear for a weapon need love, yes.
5) Offensive maneuvers for certain sub additions like shields. These tools should be used as weapons, even if they're condensed to classes.
6) More sizes (with notable differences). A glaring example are the 8/8 craftable 'medium' bows. I actually made a thread about the whole heavy-weapon thing. Having actually 'heavy' bows would be a start.
7) Incorporating weapon types. For example, organizing to something like 'Ranged Weapon' and right underneath that 'Weapon Type: Medium Bow'. Just something to make future additions less of a hassle.
8) To 'balance' the variety, weapon rarities need to be scrutinized. Some just completely outshine others with the new rebellion enchant for instance. And there's also the fact there's little difference in distinguishing, for example, a katana versus a medium sword's statistics. YES. YES. VERY MUCH THIS. Rarities pretty much tell you 'hey, this is how much this thing sucks' most of the time, with each star adding to its awful factor. Few weapons nowadays go against that in that they actually do something worthy of their rarity, such as the 8* dagger set. As for the second point, yeah, there's rarely a difference in statistics for weapons that's actually meaningful.
9) More Item Effects would be nice. Possibly exclusive ones that can be found and enchanted to certain weapons. This would also be nice, and give Steel Aura more of a reason to exist past negating 10 or 15 damage and the occasional status.

I think I'll just stop here. There's enough to read in between the lines and hopefully get ideas flowing.
I was going to quote Maikito too, but, I think just reading his post will suffice. The new addition to gun weapons was a nice start, though hopefully melee gets the same treatment soon.

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Re: General Opinion Survey: Weapon Variety

Post by Neus » Tue Apr 28, 2015 1:03 am

1) Do not response to other users' opinions in this thread. I'm not looking for debates, just data.
I don't want people to quote others and go '+1'. I don't want people to quote others at all in these topics, actually. Post your own opinions in your own words instead of piggybacking on someone else's, please.

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