Analyze Weakness and Enemy Evaluation

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Analyze Weakness and Enemy Evaluation

Post by Snake » Tue May 07, 2019 12:35 pm

Analyze Weakness and Enemy Evaluation are now both on a fine spot. That was a well-deserved nerf, but there's something I noticed.

Now that both costs a whooping 6M and pretty much a whole round to apply, can the effectiveness and LV of Analyze Weakness and Enemy Evaluation stay the same even if Tactician is not your main class?

I don't think they need this chop anymore, given how costy they are to utilize right now. A couple of turns to build up ranks, followed by a whole turn is a lot of Momentum for it to just be halved to a negligible amount, because you're not Tactician main class.

If anything, momentum cost should also be halved if Tactician is not your main class to balance it out. (Even though I don't really agree and prefer it staying 6M on both situations, thus why the 'halved effectiveness if not Main Class' should be removed.)
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Re: Analyze Weakness and Enemy Evaluation

Post by EenKogNeeto » Tue May 07, 2019 2:29 pm

I don't think this needs changed- if you want super impactful 33% orders, main class tact keep in mind It does last for like 8 Rounds. In a serious battle that's a long time for them to be dealing and taking damage.

Making it cost 3m again even if situationally would just make pinpoint electro memes easier again. You can build a dozen other useful skills instead while subbing Tact if you don't like the halved LV. Try out THE WALL, or acid rain or something.

Tact is in a funny position where when it works well: It's fuckin cancer to play against, 33% reduction to all your shit including hit and evade and 33% more damage taken, enemies given double their normal SWA if they kill a Wraithguard, so on and so forth.
Where one meme build of splash-weakness-global electro gets slightly nerfed, others will rise to take its place. I for one welcome the Assault Order + Vorpal Fang 900 damage shank.

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