Critical Smiticals

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Critical Smiticals

Post by Balor » Tue Dec 24, 2019 12:32 pm

As of this moment tanks are a dominant force in PVP, while there is nothing wrong with tanking itself there comes into question the ease with which one can soak up damage and deal comparable numbers to DPS classes. Leaving classes like VA or dodge duelists who specialize in DPS nullified by battles of attrition where their damage is matched.

I wanted to suggest that perhaps Critical hits circumvent armor/physical resistance by some degree giving them the chance to actually go toe to toe with Off-tanks who do not build critical evade.

While also punishing full tanks who do not build critical evade.

Perhaps a small buff of ignoring 10% physical resistance when critical damage is inflicted with most weapons, and daggers ignoring 20%. Would be a small but welcome buff to DPS reliant duelists.

While I understand vorpal is an enchant that does provide this benefit to a great degree, I feel as though critical hits should be scarier than they currently are, and I feel this would make VA’s more than a portal meme when they do show up. Especially considering Vorpal does not negate ARMOR itself.

In fact it would be a nice buff to most basic attack reliant builds.

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Re: Critical Smiticals

Post by Snake » Tue Dec 24, 2019 3:58 pm

If you're a crit-reliant class (read, 75% of the game's raw DPS classes) who doesn't have at minimum 125% Critical Hit chance on your statistics, you're probably doing something wrong there.

Critical Evade is ass to build, compared to Critical. You need a stat (Faith) that can be reduced to 0 by an item or Black Bubble. And the same stats only grant you a bit of FP and C.Evade and nothing else statistically speaking. No skill slots, no bonus health, nor is a significant damage status for multiple weapons.

While on Critical part, you build Skill, which gives you Skill Slots, Critical, Hit, and scales hard with ranged weaponry and melee weaponry too with some weapons. It's a very imbalanced thing and Crit Evade tanks would end up being much more annoying if they were built the way they should have been, since FAI will definitely make it worth for them to go Priest. And tanks who can both null your crit and heal on top of it will end up becoming much more frustrating to deal against than off-tanks who you can atleast have momentum advantage against, due to Fleur.

Which then, in conclusion:

If Critical Hits are going to be changed to be scary, damage-wise, their chances of happening should be considerably lowered or capped to 50%, and classes (Duelist) should not be fully dependent on them to be actually played properly.

It's like this in more classic RPGs, innit? Risk and Reward. But in SL2, critical hits are a given 9/10 anyway due to how ass it is to build for crit evade without Black Knight and Boneheart being used as massive, shaky crutches.

tl;dr nah
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Re: Critical Smiticals

Post by Lolzytripd » Tue Dec 24, 2019 4:29 pm

I dunno I find its -hilariously- easy to counter someone you know is going for a crit build
Black knight /bleached fang/faith will easily throw 200%+ crit chance into less than a coin toss.

Perhaps its also worth looking into changing the way crit vs crit reduction works

I'd argue making it impossible to reach 100% or 0% through some sort of diminishing return bell curve from a mean of 50%

Something like Crit chance divided by crit rest For X with X>1.5 getting X - .5(X-1.5) and if x <.5 X+ .5(.5-X)

this would make Every % past 25% and 75% half as effective and additional point of diminishing could be added at 85/15% and 95/5%

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Re: Critical Smiticals

Post by FaeLenx » Fri Dec 27, 2019 2:52 pm

Faith isn't hilariously easy to achieve. The other two things are arguably easier to get.

But without high faith, you don't throw crit chance into a coin toss. With bleached fang and ruining your DPS by going black knight to counter a crit build, you go from 140% crit to 100% crit.

I've always felt that a bell curve is the best way to go, though. So neither 100% or 0% crit was possible. Same with hit chance and any other random chance in this game.

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Re: Critical Smiticals

Post by Maksimum_Fire » Fri Dec 27, 2019 7:16 pm

I think crits are in a bit of an odd space due to building luck being one of the best ways to not only build crit, but also crit evade. So, crit builds with a defensive lean tend to be the counter to crit builds with an offensive lean, silly as it is.

I'd like to maybe see crit-based innates pop up for archers or martial artist to counteract crits feeling underwhelming, if they do. I've felt that they were pretty powerful, but I'm primarily a gun user, so I might be biased.

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