Carteblanches niche buff

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Carteblanches niche buff

Post by Shujin » Wed Jan 29, 2020 6:43 pm

Carteblanche as tome isn't anything out of the ordinary power or scaling wise, its even on the weaker end of things.

For that Carteblanche has a gimmick, to make you Airborne when you step on Ice tiles, and a special snowflake AoE basic attack which is nice! But thats mostly just meme potential as tomes ain't good for basic attacks in general.

The Issue I have however, with this tome, is that the Airborne niche is not done well. Like its not Momentum Efficient which in my opinion ruins the whole point of running this tome. The reason for that is the condition for when you actually go airborne, you have to move (3M) onto one Ice tiles, or pass it. That means there are dozens of better options that make you not go out of your way(You do not really use "move" as a mage 9/10), get airborne for just 1M or well...Just not use the fun gimmick.

So I would like to suggest a Change on the condition on when you get Airborne, that being simply standing (And not only on turn end, basically whenever you stand on Ice, you are flying) on a Ice tile. This allows to actually make Combos Like Fumiga->Basic attack. Which still is just making it gimmickly and not overpowered. But atleast the gimmick works.
I think the conditions and the use of one of your weapon slots are well worth that trade off.


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