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Quotes Suggestion

Post by Senna » Tue Feb 18, 2020 9:00 am

Hi, again! Back at it again with suggestions.

I was thinking about suggesting some stuff for favor RP. Nothing too major but just a little fix for the current Quote system we have at the moment.

So, the first thing I'd suggest on this list is certain spells! Invocations!

Tag suggestion:

Casting - Obtaining the Invocation status
Executing - Finally using the spell. (When the status was consumed to trigger the spell's effect)

This allows people to have their little quirky comments, names, and so on when using Invocation spells from the start to finish.

Second - Damage triggers.

This tag, I can understand might take some time or be too annoying but nonetheless-

Damage Range - 300 to 600

With that range entered, whenever they deal damage with a given technique within that range, that quote comes up. This seems like a strange suggestion however it's more to add an extra in case they have their own IC series of technique whereas the damage range matters.

This is a two way street, whereas if they use this without assigning a technique to it, it will instead pop up if the user takes that much damage. This allows them to add a mini-RP within the quote if something happens when they do take that much damage or a comment about it.

Conflict: What if both players have Quoted within the same damage rate? Let them appear behind each other after the first is shown. The first to appear would be the attacker's.

Third - End tag

Simile to Eclair Turn Tag, this allows Quotes to show up at the end of an attack. Simple as that.

Quote Settings suggestion

I'd suggest three things for this however - First is a button in settings to turn off Quotes in case someone isn't interesting in them at the moment. The second setting is an option that allows the Quote box to move to the top of the screen inside (Or under the character but smaller). The last suggestion is to allow people to decide the size of the Quote box in case they want it smaller and so on.

Final suggestion - Allow observers to also witness Quotes. As it is now, only those who are in the battle can see quotes.

Just a few suggestions to improve that favor part of RP!