More 'Official' IC Organizations & Fluff Faction-Specific Items

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More 'Official' IC Organizations & Fluff Faction-Specific Items

Post by K Peculier » Mon Jan 22, 2018 3:06 pm

Aside from the Sigroganan Empire guard force which actually has an official presence and base. I believe that it would be an excellent addition to add more 'official' factions and organizations attributed to trusted players to run said factions with special abilities.

Currently we have the Guard Commander as the leader of the Empire Guard Force and I think we could use more 'powerful' figures in the world rather than having to rely on what every other player already has. Of course this is with the agreement that they are not meant to abuse said power but instead facilitate roleplay and encourage teamwork for everyone in their faction.

I also think that these factions including the guards could use a unique ability or even a fluff item as a benefit to being apart of the official organization. An ability such as to summon weak guard mobs, or even something that helps search for spirits and the like if players were apart of an organization such as the Geistritter.


Long story short - I think we could use the addition of more lore-factions run by GM's or trusted players with their own map-location for themselves as the Sigroganan Guards do.

Thoughts? Ideas?
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