Inspiration: Past Midnight, From Shitty Games

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Inspiration: Past Midnight, From Shitty Games

Post by Eldecrok » Sun Aug 12, 2018 7:26 am

Anyone heard of Final Fantasy Mystic Quest? Yes, that one.

There was this one boss battle at the end of the game, which you can access using this link to be able to learn more about the Dark King.

If you don't want spoilers, then don't read the link, as it has little to pertain to the actual suggestion.

Similar to how the raid works, we have stages to a boss fight. However, instead of several entities, we have a singular boss that has different states. The concept is easy to grasp, and here is where I use the old Final Fantasy Mystic Quest, and a little bit of a game I won't mention the name of, to give a few examples of what could be done.

These are the ways boss battles can be improved to be a bit more fun.

Example 1: A single battle, with changing tactics.
This would likely be a bit on the code heavy side, but it has already been done at least once with the Shadow Guardian boss at the end of one of the dungeons, where in the middle of battle, they reach a threshold, and move onto a new stage called "Demonic Translation" or something similar. The battle gets a lot more interesting and challenging as the battle takes up different phases, and requires a minor shift of tactics.

Example 2: Multiple battles, without healing other than food items, and various forms for the boss.
The reason why this would also be a valid source for a new type of boss battle is because this boss battle would be able to escalate drastically in form (mainly a sprite difference to indicate transformations) and thus create a bit of tension in the player. An example of this can be found in the URL link, but the concept is simple. The first stage is a simple, dormant state of the boss, followed by various stages of escalation into the final form. This can be seen with a simple, "Egg, Child, Adult Dragon" Boss battle, where the prefix to the name indicates the current stage. Each would theoretically be a separate boss, unlike Example 1, but would allow for complete shifts in tactics that need to be used.

How this would be implemented is beyond me, but I thought I'd rabble on, because some people like it apparently.