Experience Boost (and other ideas too)

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Experience Boost (and other ideas too)

Post by WaifuApple » Fri Oct 19, 2018 1:06 pm

Now that tower grinding is dead, the situation I've encountered before is going to be more prominent, in the fact that experience grinding is super boring, and I honestly don't like doing it at all. So, instead of ranting about what I don't like, like last time, I'm going to provide some suggestions for experience changes, in order to improve the experience of gaining experience. (I'm not good with numbers, so for the sake of all that is good in balance, I'm leaving the exact numbers up to someone who'll propose reasonable numbers.)

1. RP Experience. The experience gained from RP seems to me to be negligible. The amount you gain is rather small, and it would be greatly appreciated if there was a boost in the amount of experience you get from RP, to convince more people to RP before level 60. It would be ideal to be able to enjoy RPing, and work towards level 60 at the same time, and a boost to this to make it actually notable could do just that.

2. Training. You can get a talent that allows you to fight people in a "training" battle, where you can gain experience from fighting them. As of current, I rarely see this in use. The talent points you need to spend on it aren't worth the output. An experience boost here, would be nice. It would be nice for a boost to what you can get from training dummies, if anything, to give people a reason to craft them, but I think it should also be more worthwhile to train with other players. It would be nice to be able to fight someone while below level 60, ICly, for training purposes, and get more notable amounts of experience from that. It could also encourage more master / student bonds between players, which would be cool to see, too.

3. Clinic / Black Beast Spots. These are ways to get a large amount of experience without having to fight, which is nice. I'm not necessarily saying to boost the amount of experience you can get from these places, but it'd certainly be rather nice to have more options like these on the table, for experience outside of the BDPs.

4. Tower. Okay, so this one isn't about experience, since the tower recommends you be level 60. But, you know, I figured I'd put it here anyway. You get rewards for doing all the challenges in one floor. Divine Enchant for bottom, Vorpal for top. But what if I were to suggest, then, a reward for doing the battles on both floors, like 1-2 Legend Ink, since the enchantments are valued at 2 legend ink normally?This would give an incentive to take on the ENTIRE tower for people who aren't really going to find use of Vorpal or Divine. As I remember, the enchants have a cooldown on how often you can get them, so this should apply to what you get in this situation, too, so you can't repeat the tower over and over again without having to wait in between.

5. BDPs. Of course, my opinion of these is that they're honestly monotonous to go through. They're faster than a lot of RPGs, but a lot of RPGs don't as openly attempt to promote the style of RP this game has. Now, some people are going to suggest that we need them to be more enjoyable, and I certainly agree with that, but that's not why this post exists, and I can't for the life of me speak on behalf of the community for what will be "more fun". So for this post, I'm just going to say an exp boost to the mobs that appear roaming within dungeons. (Not the core. The core, I think, is perfectly fine. It gives a hefty amount of EXP.)

6. Iaplace Quests. A lot of these quests are really not at all notable in the EXP they give alongside their tasks, and I find myself having no reason to want to accept most of them (except the blackblood quests, which are more useful than most of the quests on there combined, save a few when you need a specific item when hunting an Alraune.) because they don't seem to give enough reward worth pursuing. I think, maybe, that the rewards given (Murai and Experience) should be a little more notable, here, too.

7. Stamp Quests. I've only ever find myself really accepting the stamp quests solely for the stat stamps. Anything else they give you as reward doesn't seem all that interesting. Of course, they're not that difficult, either, so I'm a little torn on whether these need a boost, so I'll leave that to be debated. This point, though, shall be that we could use more non-Iaplace quests for the upper ended players to take on, with rewards of more worth to upper ended players, since these quests seem to currently mostly appeal only to the lower half. (level 1-30, maybe a bit lower.)

8. Dungeons in General. It'd be nice if we had more static dungeons along the veins of jammer caverns, especially on locations that don't see as much use, to give them some love. The regular static dungeons, that are just one floor BDPs, with no core aren't as ideal, so it would be nice to maybe see them converted slowly to stuff like this, while retaining their level (around about that.)

9. Summoners. Personally, I don't really play summoners, but it would maybe be nice to make an accessory akin to the (X/Y style, where it applies to all) EXP share from Pokémon, for summoners to wear, where if you have it on you, EXP is split between you and your monsters, if not summoned, to give summoners a little bit of an easier grind, the poor, poor souls they are. More experience should be given if they're actually summoned, of course, ideally.

That's it from me, feel free to give numbers for my ideas, suggest your own, or criticize them as you will. (Except maybe on the making dungeons more fun part, I think that really deserves its own post from someone at some point, because that is a much larger topic at hand to discuss.)
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