Static/Non-Static Dungeon Idea

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Static/Non-Static Dungeon Idea

Post by Xero Shade » Thu Nov 13, 2014 2:40 am
So, I was walking around and saw that there was a castle behind one of the static dungeons. I was wondering if, maybe, we could turn it into some sort of dungeon that only is accessible during the times that Iahsus is in one of it's moods (particularly orange/red). The basic concept is that a land bridge would appear, connecting that castle to the mainland. The castle would have a 5 - 10 floors, where each floor has mobs that are two levels above the previous. So, say if your party leader was level 60, the highest level mobs you'd face are level 80, making things much more challenging. Also, there would be about ten mobs per floor, and each patrol has 'crazy' standards for spawns, as well as each patrol having two miniboss tier creatures.

I'd like for this dungeon to be a gauntlet. In more extended terms: when you go in, you are not able to go out. You can only go in -once- per mood shift; Normal > (No entry) > Red > (Entry) > Normal > (No entry) > Orange > (Entry), and there is no place to rest between floors. There will only be a spot to repair weapons, as it shouldn't be expected to traverse over 40 battles with crazies with only 40 durability. In response to this possibly-significant handicap, I'd like to suggest a 20 - 25% EXP boost for all creatures that are spawned within that dungeon. Perhaps, even, the effects of foods are mildly reduced to add to the difficulty factor?

To reduce on Arena's training day-tier lag, I'd like to ask that only 16 people be able to be present within the castle's dungeon portion at a time. I would suggesting having a center stairwell, with two doors on either side, in which groups can then enter. A maximum of four people can enter any door, and those doors then vanish/lock upon being entered by the maximum occupants, to maximize the amount of EXP they can gain.
Perhaps there could be treasure-chests as well, since it -is- a castle. I'm open to any other suggestions/tweaks that people might like. Just a brainstorming idea that I came up with, whilst dungeon-hunting.

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Re: Static/Non-Static Dungeon Idea

Post by Soapy » Thu Nov 13, 2014 4:07 am

You don't wanna go there.

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