A few thoughts on magic improvements

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A few thoughts on magic improvements

Post by ValkyrieSkies » Wed Dec 12, 2018 7:25 pm

Just a few general ideas I had regarding magic because certain aspects about it can be kinda odd.

Add a Light and Dark Enchant to Priest/Hexer
Pretty self-explanatory, they're the two classes specifically focused on these elements above all else and it'd be nice to have more variety.

Move Water magic to Mage classes and add an Enchant
Considering how base an element water is, it's fairly odd to have it locked away behind Curate/Priest of all things; if there really needs to be water stuff there for Elf lore or whatever then why not give some Holy Water themed magic in its place?

Add Sound Magic to Curate/Priest
Maybe theme it after choirs or something and let it be a good AoE spell? Would definitely fill the void of moving water to Mage and synergize well with Elves' Sanctity preference.

Move Auto-Enchant to the Enchantment talent
It's basically a mandatory skill for all Mages anyway, but if enchants were added across other classes this'd allow for more freedom from having to take Mage as well as making skill points less tight if more spells were added to Mage.

More Starsigns
Luminary Element is a fantastic addition to the game and opened up a huge amount of possibilities for builds, but the likes of Sound and Acid are neglected because of the niche stats they're locked behind. SAN and GUI are both incredibly niche, the former being essentially useless for many species and the latter requiring incredibly specific builds you likely won't encounter as a mage.

Add Auto-Install for Bonder
Grand Summoner having Auto-Summon is just one of many nails in the coffin as far as the Bonder class is concerned. If they at least had an Auto-Install they'd have something over GS. In the event that a character has both Auto- skills, use their order in the skill list to determine the order they activate in and just make sure they can't both activate on the same Youkai.

Those are just a few ideas I had floating around, maybe I'll post more in future but I hope they're at least looked at.