Snaaaake Eaterrr! [Serpentkin Common Traits]

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Snaaaake Eaterrr! [Serpentkin Common Traits]

Post by Snake » Tue Dec 25, 2018 7:51 pm

Serpentine Affinity
(Requires 20 Base SAN, Naga/Glykin/Hyattr/Wyverntouched)
Your affinity to your serpentine side is more notable than the others, which may allow your body to develop unique traits shared in common by the patron gods of the Serpentkin. This grants a 15% Fire Resistance and -15% Ice Resistance.

Cold Blooded
(Requires Serpentine Affinity)
Serpent Trait. Due to your affinity to your serpentine side, warmer environments increases your metabolism, and colder environments slow it down. Taking Fire Damage will increase your Momentum by 1, but taking Ice Damage will reduce your Momentum by 2. (Will only happen once per turn. And only one 'Serpent Trait' can be picked.)

Harder Scales
(Requires Serpentine Affinity)
Serpent Trait. Your scales are more noticeable and serve as a way to deny sundering damage being done to you. Increases Slash Resistance by 15%, but reduces Blunt Resistance by 15%. (Only one 'Serpent Trait' can be picked.)

Snake Eyes
(Requires Serpentine Affinity)
Serpent Trait. Your pupils and irises can shift colors and allow you to have a limited infrared heat-sensing sight. Passively increases Hit by +5, reduces Light Resistance by -10%. Attacks done against enemies who are inflicted with Burn will have a bonus 40 Hit. Enemies inflicted with Frozen/Celsius/Frostbite will be almost invisible though, making you unable to target them. (Only one 'Serpent Trait' can be picked.)

Venom Spitter
(Requires Serpentine Affinity and Wyverntouched)
Serpent Trait. Some Wyverns tend to save their precious time and effort with biting by just spitting their venom at their prey. Your mouth and fangs have adapted to do so. Increases Poison Bite's range by 5 and changes the damage from Pierce to Poison and becomes unresistable. But it cannot be used on enemies within 2 range, as it will automatically miss. (Only one 'Serpent Trait' can be picked.)

Furnace Chomp
(Requires Serpentine Affinity and Hyattr)
Serpent Trait. What do you have again? Iron gut? You could call it a pool of lava. Your stomach can turn anything into ashes within seconds, so why not have a snack in the meantime? Grants you a skill 'Furnace Chomp', which allows you to bite a chunk off from your enemy, it deals STR pierce damage and has a chance to inflict Burn. If this skill defeats a non-Boss, non-Player enemy, your HP will be restored by 15%. (Only one 'Serpent Trait' can be picked.)

Viper's Kiss
(Requires Serpentine Affinity and Naga)
Serpent Trait. Your affinity to your snake side caused your lower body to start producing toxins on its own, which makes you able to harness it partially with some backlash. Grants a skill named 'Viper's Kiss', a bite that deals STR pierce damage, which may inflict Confusion and Poison LV(SAN/2) to an adjacent enemy after a stat-check, but deals 20 unresistable Poison damage to you. The skill gains a bonus 50% chance of success if your target is restrained or immobilized. (Only one 'Serpent Trait' can be picked.)

Divine Scales
(Requires Serpentine Affinity and Glykin)
Serpent Trait. Thanks to your heightened affinity to your serpent side, you're able to do similar boons like Glykon once did by sharing their power. Grants a skill named 'Divine Scales', which cleanses Poison and grants Poison Immunity to an ally within 4 range for 3 rounds. But you'll also receive Interference for 3 rounds, as this is taxing on the body of the user. (Only one 'Serpent Trait' can be picked.)
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