Regarding New House Discers and Tiles.

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Regarding New House Discers and Tiles.

Post by Tamaki-Kun » Sun Feb 17, 2019 7:50 pm

Since it was mentioned we should make a suggestion thread for tiles we'd really like added in game...

It would be really really great to see the New Cellsvich tiles and furniture added to the house discer set. They're immensely good and every time I walk into a non-player house, I'm filled with way too much envy. Not only the Cellsvich ones, though. Waterfall tiles and- water, and probably magma walls in general would be nice to have as well. So people can not walk on water/lava. And yes, you can experiment with furniture layering set to 1 to make it impassable, but that's immensely tedious and causes you to use one furniture space. Not ideal, in my opinion as a builder.

Feel free to add your thoughts here, guys, since I recall people wanting other tiles and furniture as well, but can't exactly remember it.
I need more building tools, Dev!

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Re: Regarding New House Discers and Tiles.

Post by Dimmie Dunce » Sun Feb 17, 2019 8:37 pm

Give me all the Cellsvich tiles.
More snow tiles too, why is the snow tiles so different for the home to the Lispool ones.
Or maybe my eyes are just crumby.

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