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Post by Spoops » Mon Aug 12, 2019 9:21 pm

Spellthief hasn't gotten a lot of new DLC in a little while and has been kinda left in the dust, I think introducing a few new-ish monster spells to its possible spell repetoire could make things more interesting for them, not every single one of them has to make it in of course, and possibly you could place restrictions on them for players specifically which I'll also mention, but here's what I'd possibly consider making stealable for spells:
Ominous Spell (Changed to magic)- Currently heals for 500 HP and provides LV/3 as all bonus stats to the Ice Giant that casts it after a set amount of turns
-If a player uses this ability, the LV is capped to 5 EDIT: the heal is halved as well.

(I also just love the idea of players being able to turn HUGE after the cast goes off, this is countered entirely by a single null like requinite or shells or wash away etc.)
Self-detonate - When adjacent to an enemy, destroys self to deal Fire magic damage to all within a 3 Range circle equal to level + 500% of Fire ATK. Requires a certain number of turns to pass before it can be used.
-If a player has this ability then a 5 round cooldown will be put into place at the start of the match, yes it would set the player's HP to 0, possibly have damage cap out at player LV*10 so you don't reach scenarios where this deals over 600 damage.
(Please let me chiaotzu someone.)
Chilling Howl - Unleash a freezing roar. Enemies in a 2 Range circle take Ice magic damage equal to 150% Ice ATK. It can also inflict Frostbite LV X (X = 10 or LV/2, whichever is higher) for 3 rounds.
Banshee Wail - Unleash an ear-piercing scream. Enemies in a 2 Range circle take Sound magic damage equal to 150% Sound ATK. It can also inflict Fear for 3 rounds.
Denile - Fires its own jam at an enemy within 3 Range who is enchanted with an elemental, dealing Water magic damage to them. Also seals Elemental Impacts and certain elemental enchant effects for 3 rounds.
Howl And Haunt - Roar at a target within 4 Range, inflicting them with Hunted LV X (X = 10+25% of level) and gaining Quickness LV 5 for 3 rounds.
Demon Drool - Spits a vile, demonic acid towards the target in a line. The first enemy hit by the projectile takes Dark and Water damage. It can also Poison the target randomly.
Immolate - Changed to magic.
Angler Light - Changed to magic.
Thunderclap - Changed to magic, FP cost lowered to user's LV/2 (currently equal to LV)
Anything I didn't comment on specifically is probably more than fine for players to have access to, I just want to have a blue mage plz
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Re: Monster-mancy

Post by K Peculier » Tue Aug 13, 2019 4:55 pm

I approve of all of these since they're not too crazy. Alot of monster skills could just have mini player versions in all honesty, without breaking metas too badly.

I think the heart of spellthief, especially now that we have cooldowns between each stolen spell is that they should have a variable of neat and suprising abilities rather than damage, damage, damage like it was in the past with certain combos.

I sometimes wish spell steal got an extra 2 spells to steal ever since the cooldown nerf. (Hint hint, nudge nudge)

(I also want to chiaotzu someone too.)
"Oh? You're approaching me?"

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