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Knockback and enviorment

Posted: Mon Sep 30, 2019 1:41 pm
by Shujin
I am a fan of doing out of the box things.
Since Verglas was first introduced we got that one skill combo that allows us to knock someone into an ice pillar for some minimal additional damage. I feel that mechanic is extremely fun, and a minimal damage bonus for that specific combo thats just satisfying to watch. though I feel it didn't age well(little return for the set up and FP/skillpoint/slot consumtion) and it would be funner if the enviorment in general would give us more options to play with, and also allow other classes to utilize it over cinder tiles.

So why not make all knockbacks that are stopped by something prematurely have some interaction, for more fun?
For Example some ideas:

-Ice Point: Stops rest knockback, deals Ice point level unresistable ice damage +5 for each tile that was stopped.(the harder you crush into it the more ouch? Breaks if more than 4-6 tiles are stopped? Simply cause its fun to punch someone through an Ice point. maybe additonal effect if you punch someone so hard it breaks, giving Cold front some extra power since thats one of the stronger knockbacks.)

-Ice Statue: Shatters and deals Ice Statue level unresistable Ice damage + Frostbite.(does not stop the knockback)

-Rock/White Prison: Stops the rest Knockback, deals 25% unresistable Earth damage from the knockback attack. (or level Earth damage+5 for each tile stopped. Also breaks after a certain amount (5?) so you can Domino someone through the wall for funzies and potential extra effect?)

-Other Person/mob: Other person suffers 50% blunt damage from the knockback and unless immune to knockback slides along the other person for the rest distance. Small Chance for Knockdown, depending on the damage like 10% of initial damage as chance (Meaning: Knockback attack on person A was 120 damage, so 12% chance for KD for A and B and 60 damage for B)?

-Tree: Stops rest Knockback, deals tree level unresistable blunt damage+5 per tile thats stopped. (breaks at 4?)

-Invisible wall/map Border: You are kicked into the void and suffer in eternal hell, instant death, cause fug u wall huggers. (joke)

Cold Front could get some additional bonus damage for whatever thing her paws them into, to keep the skills uniqueness up and give it a bit of a buff.

Overall just some ideas to make battles a bit more fun and positioning more meaningful, things like Ice Statue more useful, etc. I think I got all Field Objects that stop KB.