Elemental Resistant Cloths?

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Elemental Resistant Cloths?

Post by Spoops » Tue Dec 24, 2019 12:33 am

Given the nature of unarmored tending to be tailored to go against magic, I do find it odd there's no cloth for giving resistances to a fair number of elements still, it could also serve to spice up the armor budget a tiny bit. One could argue that materials like Chainmail/Canvas/Leather existing solely for cloth is one such boon they have, but currently the ratio of standard non-remain type metal to cloth is 11 - 9, so I think there could be a couple of additions (+material change kits) to help improve some builds.

Here's what I think we might like:

Fire-Resistant Cloth (Given how strong fire just is, I think a lot of people would love an addition like this.)
Ice-Resistant Cloth
Water-Resistant Cloth
Earth-Resistant Cloth

Metal has just about every resistance imaginable except acid, while metal does have sound resistance I equate to the poison resistance from Snakescale.

Not to mention it allows making up some more stat-lines for torso armor pieces, so that might be fun to mess around with too.