[v.2.13b] Gripped, Slipped, Tripped, Skipped

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[v.2.13b] Gripped, Slipped, Tripped, Skipped

Post by HexGirlBestGirl » Mon Dec 02, 2019 9:21 pm

Just a small thing which i'm uncertain if it's a bug or not that I can seem to replicate seamlessly. But when you get tripped by zombie grip, you have your turn skipped and end movement prematurely.

7m(initial) - 3m(movement) - 3m(KD) is 1m. The enemy has the rest of their turn and then I do stand back up with 1m, able to act normally. However, when I end my turn, my entire next turn is skipped.

Seems to function the same every time. Testing with my Necro Staff, the same can happen to enemies from the Allied Wretch as well.

Zombie grip doesn't say anything about skipping turns, so.

Notably, I have never got it to function like this if it doesn't trigger on the very first move of Round 0 if that helps any.

Steps to Reproduce:
Step 1: Just have the first turn due to init.
Step 2: Run into a Swarming Wretch.
Step 3: Trigger Zombie Grip
Step 4: Get up and have 1m left (or 0 if Turtle Shell)
Step 5: Next turn happens and you're clearly the first to go but your turn just gets passed fully over, as if you skipped without skipping.

Necro Staff Variant:
Step 1: Have the first turn due to init.
Step 2: Have your Wretch placed to where the enemy will pass near it on Round 0.
Step 3: Have the enemy trigger Zombie Grip.
Step 4: Don't kill the enemy.
Step 5: When the enemy gets back up, it will go last on Round 1 even if it has a higher place due to init.