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The Bug Reports Forum (READ THIS)

Posted: Wed Nov 12, 2014 4:46 pm
by Neus
This forum has a few differences from the old one. First of all, it's in its own forum instead of lumped together with suggestions. Second of all, topics can now be marked as 'solved' or 'unsolved'. If a topic is 'Solved', it will have a green checkmark next to it, like this topic. Unsolved topics mean the bug has not been fixed (and the forum makes it much easier to find unsolved bugs). So here's the way it works now;

1) You post a bug, being as descriptive as possible. Especially important is whether or not the bug can be reproduced 100% of the time or not.
2) I come along and fix the bug, and mark your topic as Solved. Alternatively, someone informs you that it isn't a bug, and you mark it as Solved yourself.
3) If, for some reason, your bug wasn't actually fixed, you can mark it as Unsolved and bump it with new details. Repeat until it's finally fixed.

Also, extremely important; If I mark your topic as solved, and the game has not updated since, it means the bug IS NOT FIXED YET BUT WILL BE. It won't be fixed the minute I respond saying it's fixed; I have to upload a new version for that, and that usually means the weekly update. So verify that the game version number on the hub when you post the game is different before you run back here and tell me it isn't fixed yet. Got it? Good.

To toggle the Solved/Unsolved status of your post, there is a green checkmark button next to the Edit/etc buttons. Just use that.

Re: The Bug Reports Forum (READ THIS)

Posted: Wed Aug 24, 2016 10:06 am
by Neus
Neus wrote:1) You post a bug, being as descriptive as possible.
This has been a big problem with bug reports lately. I'm not asking for an essay per bug report, but it should be clear that when you report something you want fixed, you should provide details concerning the bug itself as well as other factors.

1) Please include details about what's wrong. For example, if you think you've found a bug with upgrade tools, don't post something like 'Upgrade tools aren't working.' That doesn't tell me much. A more helpful report would be 'Upgrade tools don't apply to weapons, no message is given, and the item isn't taken.'
2) If a bug has multiple factors, please include all relevant factors. For example, in the above report, you would add 'This was the case when I tried to make my Ultimate Sword: NORMIE add the Plaid quality via the Plaid Converter Tool.'
2) Please include details about how you verified it was wrong, so that I can confirm and test it for myself if necessary. For example, in the above report, you would add 'I dragged and dropped the tool onto the weapon, which wasn't equipped, in my equipment panel.'