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Visual Effects are broke

Post by Lewdcifer » Wed Jan 16, 2019 12:12 am


For some reason, the glowing outlines given by enchants do not disappear upon the enchant's expiration, allowing you to accumulate glowing outlines with the usage of different enchants. This allows for a few shenanigans, as shown in the above picture.
The process can also be accelerated through the usage of enchants, then having an enemy steal your enchants. This allows you to apply another enchant on yourself and accumulate the glowing outlines much faster.


Additionally, the glowing outlines do not disappear if someone ends the battle prematurely through Leave Battle. I can only assume the same would happen if one were to Flee.

UPDATE: It seems that, when you steal other status effects with visual effects - such as poise - they don't transfer properly.
This means that if X has Poise, and Y steals it, then X will keep Poise's visual effect but not the status, whereas Y will gain the status but not the visual effect.