Dark Chitin Rounds (Dark Claws) Topic is solved

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Dark Chitin Rounds (Dark Claws)

Post by EenKogNeeto » Sat Oct 05, 2019 10:39 pm

What Happens: Currently, the shaitan passive of Dark Claws (Powerful black carapace protects and increases the force of the Shaitan's attacks. They gain +6 (-1 per 10 Scaled SAN) damage to all attacks, but attacks with Tomes and Bows use up twice as much weapon durability (due to the delicate aspects being torn up more easily by Shaitan claws).) Applies to each bullet meaning that a shaitan with a multi-round gun can do a larger amount of damage and most other races can't hope to compete with the man or woman shooting...their claws at people I guess.

The Issue: Unique exception to the normal 'spread across rounds' rule for most damage buffs in relation to guns. Adding a lot of flat damage to shaitan bullets

How to Fix: Following the normal round division rules.

Mostly didn't feel this needed addressed but it has been giving some absurdly high damage values, and I'm seeing more being created recently to make use of it.

Replication: Create a naked level 1 shaitan with adaptation to hold a handgun, shoot jammer/whatever, each shot will do 9 damage (9 SWA / 3 rounds then adding 6 each from the passive)

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Re: Dark Chitin Rounds (Dark Claws)

Post by DoctorMad » Sun Oct 06, 2019 8:55 pm

Not a bug, dev explicitly said he'd be keeping the trait like this last balance thread.
That being said, I'm sure it'd get nerfed if you reported it was also too strong. There's a thread up already, nevermind.

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