[V.2.17b] "Illegal Immigration" Minor Bug

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[V.2.17b] "Illegal Immigration" Minor Bug

Post by MistaMushoo » Tue Jan 14, 2020 11:30 pm

Joking title, very real bug (or unintended side effect, I guess.)

When you use the town map feature, it's possible for you to teleport directly to the entrance, which is great, except that new characters are able to bypass getting their passage papers with it by teleporting past the archway where they force you back a couple tiles to talk to Air. This means you can teleport to the entrance of Cellsvich, walk into the main area, and do as you like (pick up quests from Asago bank, for example) without EVER getting your official passage papers. Highly illegal, I don't recommend.

This bug can be replicated 100% of the time by simply using the town map to head to the entrance with a freshly made character straight out of Professor Pink's Study.