[V 2.18]Automatic Material Removal

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[V 2.18]Automatic Material Removal

Post by YaoXhu » Thu Feb 06, 2020 1:29 am

So here's Aya, living her life, doing fun things, when they log on to make an OOC character finally go IC. Please excuse the absolutely dorky name of the item, but something a bit unfair happened.


A previously Dragon Remains Ensui that was crafted around a week ago suddenly had it's material just removed. No real explanation other than 'had an extra material', which it didn't. It wasn't benefiting from two different materials, it was only a single material. So this isn't game breaking but I can see how it'd definitely ruin someone's enjoyment if they worked hard to gather the mats to make something them self.

Please don't steal my mats from me, I am but a poor Aya.