Roleplaying Group[most likely recruiting]...[that means you]

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Roleplaying Group[most likely recruiting]...[that means you]

Post by Rykan » Fri Dec 05, 2014 8:02 am

Hello, hello, hello!~

As of recently, a group of SL1 Roleplayers has been formed, ranging around 6-7 people. While that is a nice size, more people would always be better! While we understand there's certain lore and et cetera already in place, we're attempting to create conflict through our own personal means, and anyone who is interested is welcome to join.

The general idea was that we were going to create two groups, a group that supports new tech(Things such as mechanations, arcane guns, learned mages, and typically[though not restricted to] people of a human variety.) and a group that supports old magic(Such as runecraft, summoning, natural magic and typically associated with people of a half or lesser human variety.)
[so racist!]

While it's sure to create a fighting conflict, we're attempting to peacefully roleplay such positions. This is not a fight to see who is the edgiest, nor is a competition to take control of the world.

Also, while people are certainly going to be striving to become strong, we are putting a few limits on classes such as not being an SE/BK[that and going full into SE if you pick it.], or having the ability Chainshot, in an effort to promote a non-meta, less powergame controlled environment.

That being said the general rules are as follows/
1: Play nice. I'm not telling you not to have an opinion about someone, I'm telling you to keep it to yourself. Unless it is actively destroying everyone's fun, I see no reason to address it. The whole world doesn't revolve around you. I understand there are many people who tend to have problems with one another, but if make believe characters are seriously that important to you, you probably shouldn't be roleplaying.

2: Stick with your group. I'm not saying there can't be treachery or internal strife. I am saying you can't turn it into a plot to undermine the group entirely. That's stupid. These factions are set up through a belief, not a whim. There are generations of hate tearing at each side, thus dividing them. You are also not the chosen one, the one who brings balance to the force. Luke was a whiny bitch anyways, nobody loved him, and his father was twice so.

3: Stay true to your character. Most if not all people in the current group are making new characters. These characters are to have classes based off of what it is they do in life. If your a smith, you're most likely someone like a rogue/MW. Someone who knows and uses many different kinds of weapons in a nontraditional sense. I'm not saying that's set in stone, but be true to your character's identity within reason.

4: Don't powergame. I know it sounds stupid, but I'm strictly expressing my disdain for such a thing. It's easy enough to hit lvl 20 anyways. People are allowed to use growth items, and even donation items in general, but seriously, everyone is tired of it. You're not meant to be a one man army, please rely on your group to help you. What's the point of being part of one if you aren't going to do stuff with them? Classes that are frowned apon are stated above. Tread carefully with them.

There are going to be more specific things revealed about two said groups as soon as we finish setting up. Things will probably be a little rough for a while, but anyone that is currently in the group should be able to help explain anything I have not talked about. I have another thread in which you can share skype information if you're interested in the group, though multiple groups could possibly be made to accomodate for anyone who may have problems with other group members.
[Though seriously I'd rather you play nice. Really. :<]