Unstackable pet kits

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Unstackable pet kits

Post by renowner » Fri Jan 11, 2019 6:15 am

Earlier today I purchased two new pet kits on a character who already had one. And what I found out, was that they stacked. In order to transfer the pet kits to the character I wanted them on, I right clicked the stack to deposit it into the global bank. And what I Found out was that it deposited the entire stack. While inside the bank, you can remove them one at a time. But the damage was already done at that point. My pet settings were gone.

My suggestion is simple: To make pet kits a non-stackable item, so such a thing never happens again. My pet kit is over four years old, so restoring my old pet was fairly impossible, as the picture i'd used was lost to time. If I hadn't taken a picture of my pet last week for fun, it would've been gone for good! Making it unstackable would help prevent issues like this from happening in the future. And might also allow somebody to have two or even three different pet kits loaded up with different pets, which could also be fun to roleplay.

Who hasn't wanted to be a crazy cat lady with four different cats?

Pet kits stack
Right click depositing into the global bank removes the whole stack
Deposited pet kits lose their loaded pets
As a result i'd like if pet kits would not stack together.

On another note, the portable shop keeper item does not say its untradable, and yet it cannot be traded. I'm not sure if its a bug or a feature, so i'll just add the suggestion here. Make it tradable if its completely empty please!