Challenge Ideas

Have an idea for the game? Something you'd like to see improved? This is where you should post it.
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Challenge Ideas

Post by Coffeeccubus » Mon Feb 11, 2019 6:18 am

So, given my head is full of ideas and suggestions for the game, I think one in particular may be interesting for people to try out.

How about we get some more challenges in? The ones in Colossus are tough, but why not make it more... tougher? These bosses I think shouldn't be there, but in the Arena as safe bosses. Maybe have four of them, and locate them in the Tent? Who knows.

The Trials of Kinu
Description: Kinu is a hard boss. Let's admit it. Many people want her nerf'd and all that. But what if... in a secret laboratory in Karaten, someone so evil, so foul, created not one, but five successful clones of Kinu? All with the same abilities and powers as her? Are you able to defeat Kinu in these... trials of Kinu?

Fight: Kinu (x6), scales to your level, but has all the same nasties as the regular Kinu.

Description: You beat up every single guardian... but it seems all of them are angry at you, and want to take revenge for beating them up! Every boss from the BDP dungeons will appear to confront you personally.

Fight: All the BDP Core Bosses with their same abilities. Scales to your level.

True Might
Description: You think that you're the tough kid of the Arena eh? Well, let's see what happens if we send out eight of our finest warriors against you! Let's see how well you can fare against them.

Fight: 8 Arena Combatants with random rolls, but all scale to your level.

The Mute One
Description: What a strange fellow from Doraington... he looks familiar, but I can't tell who he is. Hmm... Well either or, he seems to be pretty strong. You might want to pack a bit more muscle for this guy.

Fight: Mute Cultist. Level 80.

The Arena Master (SPECIAL)
Description: So you want to fight me don't you? Alright then, bring it on!

Fight: Of course Tarson Guilded himself. Level 100.

I was thinking, they could reward some extra Arena badges for these challenges, and can be completed once like the Colossus Tower.
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Re: Challenge Ideas

Post by Dezark » Mon Feb 11, 2019 3:19 pm

I could see this potentially if Dev made it a later floor in the tower; though the reward would need changing for as tough as it would be.

A chance for a rustic weapon of high degree 8-10*(?) would give a bigger chance for folks that would want something super strong while dishing out against potential big gun fights, possibly with hazard tiles or anything for certain fights? The only difficulty would probably be figuring out how to code Taryn for a fight wise.

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