A change to Lovely Face

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A change to Lovely Face

Post by Hanzo » Mon May 06, 2019 7:18 am

Re-posted here, because it fits better and is a matter of balance. Alright, so I propose the following...

As we all know, Lovely Face is a skill that requires 10 Will 15 Guile, and a racial check to pass, alongside a 20% infliction bonus if you are wearing an unarmored torso. If the check passes, the target is inflicted with charmed, who's LV is equal to your scaled will.

I've posted a question regarding this on Discord, or specifically, changing the scaling so it scales off Guile, instead of will. Dev came here, and responded that it scales off Will due to force of personality. Now, here is my proposition.

Change the LV scaling to be of either Will or Guile, whichever is higher.

The way it is now, the skill is by FAR more useful to a wise wizard, than it would be to a sly rogue. Now, evidently, what Dev said makes sense, seeing as one could use purely a force of charisma to drive the skill. However, nobody can deny that there are other ways to do the same, that do not rely on pure charm and people skills, which is why Guile is proposed.
Again, this would be reinforced by the fact that someone would play to their strengths, and if they have of one thing, than they do of the other, the natural thing to do, of course, would be to play to your strengths - as I've said.
As it is now, the skill is only worth casting if you have high Will, which a lot of builds, one could consider dastardly and sly - in possession of such a set of skills - do not have.
Likewise, it is evident to the casual watcher than one even requires 50% more points invested in Guile, than it does in the stat is scales from, to even have the ability to unlock the skill - granted you pass the racial check.

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Re: A change to Lovely Face

Post by WaifuApple » Mon May 06, 2019 4:33 pm

Feel like this was deleted and posted again, considering I'm pretty sure I'd already read something like this and this one was unread. [Please don't do that if you did.]

Going by the name of the trait, it takes a mixture of sly intelligence and will to present yourself as attractive, but in the end it's also about looking attractive - not being sly. No amount of slyness will save someone without a good personality and the will to force that, so I don't really think so. Besides, it doesn't need that level of flexibility.
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Re: A change to Lovely Face

Post by Snake » Tue May 07, 2019 2:05 am

I kind of like this proposal, surprisingly enough. It makes the trait a bit less focused around Mages, but it would make it start being used more often too and that could also be seen as a bad thing.

I have a bit of clashing feelings on it, but for sure, that'd be a good buff to Spellthieves.
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